How to Choose the Right C++ Developers?


You know C++ developers are masters of this C language; it is apparently true that this language is the “grandfather” of various high-level programming languages. C++ is an improved version of C, like C# and that of Java: a compiled, usual-purpose, object-oriented version that gets C a step further. It has been considered to be the most robust language to use in the NET Framework of Microsoft and other places.

What are the biggest selling points of this language?

This language offers performance and speed. It is the most effective power of C++. Moreover, the language plays well with other types of languages too. C++ can easily interface with around any other language. And nearly any system can compile and run the C++ code. You know it is “mid-level” as it has got a blend of high- and low-level features. In simple words, this language C++ is an object-oriented, usual purpose programming language and it is here since the year 1985.

Do you have coders and programmers in your business?

Well, since the competition is on the higher side, you have to ensure that your coders and programmers are absolutely expert and professional. You cannot pick anyone or everyone. At the time of your recruitment make sure that you use a good and professional Coding test. The test would help you and the entire recruitment team in the following ways:

– The test helps you evaluate the coding skills of the candidates and how good he or she is at C++ and other languages.

– You get to know about the current day knowledge of the candidates.

– You can find out how much time they take in performing a task related to the language they claim to be the best at.

– Finally, the recruiters get an idea about how well the candidates can solve the complex language problems.

Actually the questions and concepts asked in the coding assessment tests are always core and genera both. They evaluate the candidates in all areas and make sure that nothing goes missed.

How should you recruit a C++ developer?

No matter you are a technical person or a non-technical one; the following points would help you in recruiting the best coders sand programmers. You would land the most refined C++ developers for your organization. Have a look:

Measure the technical competencies of an application
To measure the technical competencies, there are different types of technical assessments. These technical tests go beyond the general MCQs and allow you gage the right skills for the designation or the job role. The great thing is that these tests are available with a sold framework and that allows you check the skill set of an individual and even help you examine the job performance for the future. Once the candidates go through the assessment procedure or test assessment, you can get clarity about his or her coding and C++ capabilities.

Do check skills needed for a C++ developer
There are many skills that you can take into consideration when hiring a C++ developer. And few of these skills are like:

– Understanding of dynamic polymorphism, memory management, and other C++ templates.

– Proper knowledge of C++ library, algorithms, and even containers.

– The implementation and exercise of quality and performance metrics.

– Knowledge and awareness about C++ latest standards, real-time environments, low-level primitives, and also the functions of the library.

Moreover, the candidate should also be effective and professional in constructing the different C++ applications that encompass mobile, desktop, and embedded systems. Similarly before you do the hiring, you have to ensure that they can develop the apps, identify the issues or problems, maintain the quality of the code, and coordinate with the rest of the departments and teams that are working on diverse layers of the different projects.

Make use of a good quality C++ test

You know everyone who is telling you or claiming that they have professional C++ skills might not be having them. You have to be sure that you have the right candidates in hand who have the right skills in practice. You cannot simply pick anyone or everyone. Here if you use an online tests, it would work as an effective pre-hiring mechanism, and allows you to judge the developers on the basis of both the conceptual knowledge and real-world or practical applications. The right test would have multiple choice questions and hands-on coding issues that measure the developers on the basis of their C++ development and problem-solving knowledge and skills. After all, it is about getting an idea about their skills before you recruit them on the basis of their fancy or showy resumes. A good test would ensure that you get the best talent from the whole talent pool. Moreover, the test would get the candidates measured for the different key roles. You can choose a specific test that is apt for a specific type of job role.

Technical interview

Interviews are the backbone of any recruitment program. No matter how many tests or screening procedures you have, you need to own the interviews that assess the proper caliber of the candidates. Remember that the personal (face to face) interview caters you a number of details and specifications about the candidate. However, with the same approach, the applicants also come to know about the organization.

And yes make sure that you are not stuck to the specific general questions like- “Where are you from”; “What do you like the most’, what are your expectations,” and so on. Remember, hiring the right programmers and coders are important for every organization today. You cannot simply sway anyone for the next rounds on the basis of their resumes. You have to be a strict interviewer during the interview. If a candidate is in a position to give answers to the technical questions, there would be a green flag for him or otherwise red flag!


Thus, since you know now how to get the right and good C++ developer, you must go ahead and make the most apt choices!