Makeover Your Website: Real Life Tips From The Experts


There’s not a lot of people who can do anything perfectly the first time. And in relation to the sites, this rule is also quite fair – never too late to improve. And the answer to the question of what to improve, there is also always a question.

In 2019, search engines will continue to improve their algorithms, taking into account an increasing number of factors in the ranking of search results in search results. So it’s time to look at your site from the outside and think about what else you can do to get more traffic and sales.

To make this easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the main ways to do it. And you can be sure that at least one of the items on this list will be relevant for almost any website on the Internet.

If you, after reading any of the paragraphs, realize that your website needs to be improved, we recommend that you consult with the website makeover.

1. Technical Check
The site can be compared to a private house – always need to monitor the performance of all systems and there is always a need to fix something or something to fix. That’s why the technical condition of any project should be audited regularly. It is always better if you are the first to notice the error, not the visitors or search engines’ robots.

2. Design Update
You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king”. Absolutely right. But the appearance of the site plays no less important role. As research on the analysis of the failure rate and conversion efficiency shows, the visual attractiveness of the site has a significant impact on its usefulness. And given the fact that you do not have a lot of time to create a positive impression.

3. Adapting to Mobile Phones
Technologies have already become sufficiently advanced to provide mobile users with an experience that is not much different from that of desktop devices. Websites are also an important part of this evolution. And it is extremely important that on mobile devices your site is convenient and easy to navigate, regardless of which screen it is viewed from.

And even if you think it’s not that important, there are good reasons to think differently. Representatives of the Google search engine officially announced that their algorithms take into account the quality of site optimization for mobile devices when ranking them in search. This means that those sites that do not meet these requirements will be lowered in the issue.

4. Increasing Download Speed
If the pages of the site are loaded slowly, it negatively affects everything – the rate of refusals, conversion rate, and recently even the position in the output. The loading speed of pages became one of the factors of ranking, and in the Network already it is possible to find cases about how the change of only this parametre has positively affected positions of a promoted site.

5. Expansion of the Semantic Core
The semantic core is a set of keywords, search queries that relate to your business, service, and product. Potential customers use them to search for relevant information or to make a purchase, so semantics is used to optimize individual pages and the site as a whole, as well as in search engine promotion and contextual advertising.