Why You Need to Grab a Bluehost Coupon-code for Your Website


The amazing invention we call ‘the internet’ has opened the whole of cyberspace to pretty much 100% of the human population, wherever they happen to be based, and whatever they want to do online.

Can you imagine life without Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? A world where you can buy almost anything, and often have it delivered within a day or to, with just a few clicks of a mouse? A reality where we have access to the news 24/7, and an easy way to research any topic from how much a walrus weighs to when your favourite film star celebrates their birthday?

The internet also makes it super easy to set up a website, something millions of people do every year. (There are currently at least 200 million active sites online.) Some of them want to promote or share a passion or hobby with the world, there are also plenty of web pages produced by government officials, while others need a website for their business.

The great thing is it doesn’t matter if you are a casual blogger, running an established business, or even just starting out in the world of selling or information sharing – you are entitled (while acting within the law of your state), to set up and run a website without restrictions.

What’s involved in setting up a website? [For those new to hosting]

We appreciate that perhaps so far we made this sound incredibly easy, but it really doesn’t have to be complicated – especially if you choose providers who are willing to support you as necessary. However, all specialist areas of life have their own language, so coming across terms like domain and hosting can be a bit intimidating. Just remember that they are easily explained, and will soon make enough sense for you to work with them. After all, you don’t need to be an expert.

To get started you simply need:
· A domain name
· A hosting package

Domain names
This is the name that will appear at the top of your website, looking like www. (the name you choose), and end with a dot com, co, uk, or whichever is suitable. It’s the way potential visitors will find you, so the domain name you choose needs to be easy to remember, short, and include enough information to clearly identify you, your focus, or your business name. Of course, the domain name you choose needs to be available too.

Hosting packages
In website terms, the ‘host’ is more of a machine than a person or business provider. Websites run via huge computers called ‘servers’.

· Large corporations arrange to have their own servers as they need a lot of space for the information processed through them. (Dedicated servers.)
· Smaller businesses or hobby website owners often don’t need that much space so they have the option to share a server with one, several or many others. (Shared servers)

Think of it like renting a property. Some people need the entire home to fit everyone in, others don’t need all the space but they want the privacy, so they go ahead with the rental regardless. Then there are those who are happy to share with one or two others, or even a whole crowd, so long as everyone has a self-contained space within it. The drawback is they all share the same front door!

More details on different types of hosting

Shared hosting
This can cost just a few dollars a month but does mean sharing resources like memory space with (potentially) thousands of other sites. This can be a problem if another site on your server becomes very popular and drains more than its share of resources. This is a great choice for smaller-scale startups and sites with consistently low traffic. They are also often available with website building templates which appeal to complete novices.

VPS [Virtual Private Server] hosting
A halfway step between shared and dedicated hosting, a VPS is self-contained within a larger system – a room in a shared building with its own front door! This typically means your site is not affected by your neighbour’s site traffic, and you can customize it to some extent, but you pay for that, with a $50 per month package being a real bargain.

Dedicated/private hosting
As the name suggests this cover the rental of an entire server from the hosting company. You can choose to manage it yourself or pay someone else to do that. Plus, as all the resources are for you there’s no risk of issues like a lagging site caused by other users. This route is definitely the way to go if you have a business that is growing rapidly, or already large, with the security and stability making it worth the extra cost. (Don’t forget to factor in the cost of someone to manage it, unless you have a high level of skill needed to do it yourself.)

Self-service web hosting
This is the ultimate in DIY hosting, but it is strictly for the experts. If you feel able to take on tasks such as configuring software, managing data centre space and the systems administrator, bandwidth, cooling, power and lots more, or have someone on staff who can manage these tasks, then go for it.

WordPress hosting (independent or managed)
The managed option is ideal for those using a WordPress template to run their website. The hosting service you choose will make sure it is always up to date and secured, making it a good middling option overall.

Why you should choose Bluehost

Choosing the right hosting company is a really important decision, as if you don’t have enough space, enough speed, poor customer service and decent pricing then you will never get the best out of your web presence.

Bluehost is a well established and well-respected hosting provider which offers the following advantages to those who choose them from the many others around.

Reason #1 – Great prices, plus offers and coupons
Good hosting doesn’t have to be beyond your budget, and that’s why Bluehost offer customers a great range of excellent options in all price brackets. Even better, with a Bluehost coupon code, you get to take advantage of even deeper discounts, which could be for up to 75% off and a full year’s service for free.
Here are some of their previous coupon-code discount offers
· Free domain name
· 28% off fast VPS server packages
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· 40% Off On Managed VPS
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· 63% of managed WordPress hosting packages
· 75% off shared hosting packages
· 75% of WordPress packages
· 90% off everything – flash sale

Discounts on monthly paid packages are also available.
Bluehost discount coupons are available to everyone, from one-person small gigs to huge multi-nationals. Simply choose the discount code currently on offer, activate it, and you are ready to go.

Reason #2 – Excellent genuine customer reviews
Website users from all backgrounds appreciate the affordable, flexible and highly professional hosting deals Bluehost offers. So whether you’re a would-be blogger looking for your first hosting package or an established business owner in need of a reliable host, Bluehost can meet your hosting needs.

Reason #3 – It’s easy to get started and use Bluehost hosting
A comprehensive introductory process is provided in the form of both an auto-installer and support material, while WordPress users only need to click and install a few things.

Reason #4 – They beat competitors hands-down
Bluehost offers plans which are consistently great value for money, especially when measured against competitors. Bluehost users will find they benefit in many ways, including:

· A lower monthly fee
· Free domain name
· The option for free domain privacy
· Easy installs with one click
· At least 50 GB space – more if you upgrade
· Unmetered bandwidth
· Email accounts
· Plenty of email storage

Reason #5 – Bluehost are experts on the topic of WordPress hosting
Bluehost have been providing web services since 2003, and have built a very strong reputation and following over that time. The WordPress site even steers their users towards Bluehost by recommending them as the first choice for excellent hosting – that’s pretty impressive! Bluehost have a great range of tools all ready to use to set up a WordPress site, including a file manager and billing tools.

Reason #6 – Bluehost offer discounts on premium hosting options
Coupon codes for shared hosting are not too difficult to find, but discounts on higher-end options like VPS hosting are quite rare. Bluehost offer coupons for money off VHS packages, which is a great plus.
Overall then you can see that Bluehost is an all-round good choice for anyone involved with hosting websites of any kind. Alongside all the regular benefits Bluehost offer there are coupon codes available that offer hefty discounts on various hosting packages – making it the obvious choice, every time.