How to Create Your Own Hebrew Font


There are times when you are looking for that perfect font, and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t yet exist, and you need to create that font yourself.
So, are you thinking about creating your own special Hebrew font but don’t know where to start? Well, according to Hebrew font designers, here is how you go about creating a font:
Create a Brief
This is probably the most difficult part of your journey to creating your own Hebrew font – why are you creating it? Is there a specific reason for creating it, or will it just be as a personal expression of your creativity? Only once you have decided what direction you want to take can you really get started on the design.
Begin the Design Process on Paper
Don’t go digital immediately. Start your design by putting it down on paper. When you have something in mind, it is easier to try and recreate that idea on paper rather than on the computer.
If you really want to be creative, you can start the design process by digitizing your own Hebrew handwriting.
Take Your Design Digital
Once you have created your first Hebrew font design, transfer it to the computer. The more well-defined your drawing, the more easily the software will be able to work with it.
There are various software packages available for creating fonts. Ensure that you choose the software that you are most comfortable with. These packages are not cheap, so be sure to do your homework before selecting the one that you feel suits you best.
Test Characters and Words
Once you have selected your software, you can start expanding your characters to encompass the entire Hebrew alphabet. Try putting them together into words to see if you like they way the individual characters fit together.
Scale it Down
If you have finally created all the characters in the Hebrew alphabet, you need to scale it down. Reviewing your new font in different sizes will tell you how readable it is, and how clearly it has been designed. If things start getting blurry or illegible once you shrink your text, then you have a problem on your hands.
Take a Printout
And finally, take a printout of your newly created Hebrew font. Seeing it on paper versus on a computer is the final test that it needs to clear!