Things You Should Look for in a Good Python Engineer


In its 2019 Developer Survey, Stack Overflow found that Python was the “second most-loved language,” just behind Rust. The programming community also called it the “fastest-growing major programming language.”

If you’re turning to Python development outsourcing to build a website or app, you’re in good company: it’s the language of choice for organizations including Google, Apple, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, IBM, Spotify, Dropbox, Netflix, Walt Disney, and NASA.

But if you’re not an expert in the language itself, what skills and qualities should you look for in good Python developers? Here are the top competencies they should have — along with reasons why it’s a good choice for your project.

Why use Python

Python is a versatile, in-demand language used for a variety of tools and products, from web applications to machine learning. As discussed, it’s becoming more popular every day. It’s also relatively easy to learn and implement and can run on a wide range of systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows.

If you’re planning on using Python development services, you should also know that the language is open source, meaning it is free to use. This makes it a good choice if you have budget constraints.

Skills a Python engineer should have

If you’re going the Python development outsourcing route or employing in-house Python developers to work on your project, there are certain skills a good developer or engineer should have.

Your developers should not only be familiar with the intricacies of Python but also understand its frameworks — including Django and Flask — the differences between Python 2 and 3, the multi-process architecture, an understanding of how to create threads and the limitations of the process, and how to package code.

There are some other core competencies a good Python software development company should have as well. They include:

Knowledge of front-end development

Although Python developers generally work on the backend of the products they code — in other words, the part users can’t see — they should still have a working knowledge of front-end development. Understanding the front-end means being able to use and read HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows them to communicate and work with the other members of their team to create a product that meets your specifications.


Python developers should be able to competently debug their code and conduct unit tests to find defects, solve problems, and ensure the usability of your product and its various components during the development phase.

Soft skills

In addition to having strong technical skills and knowledge of the platforms and tools described above, your engineers should possess certain soft skills — the essential workplace skills professionals need to succeed across nearly every industry. This is especially true in the case of Python development outsourcing — you need to make sure you and your in-house team can work well with the Python software development company you’ve hired. For example, you’ll want to be able to communicate regularly and understand one another’s needs and requirements.

Some of the most important soft skills you should look for are:

• Communication
• Teamwork
• Problem-solving
• Collaboration
• Attention to detail
• Abstraction

Other languages

Even if you’re using Python development services to create your product, you should be aware that Python isn’t the best choice for all websites and apps. That’s why your developers should be able to turn to other languages such as C++ when Python falls short.

Assessing qualities and competencies in prospective development hires can be difficult if you don’t have a background in the language itself. After all, the reason why you’re turning to Python development outsourcing in the first place is probably because you’re unable to handle the tasks in-house or the responsibilities go beyond the purview of your current team. While an interview or series of interviews can give you insight into soft skills, it’s more difficult to analyze technical skills.

If you do have a working knowledge of Python or have team members who do, you can create a coding test assessing knowledge of and competency with the language and its associated tools, include frameworks and libraries. In that case, the Python developers should be able to tackle real-life programming challenges similar to those your project would demand.

Otherwise, you should ask for a portfolio of projects similar to yours, testimonials from previous or current clients, reviews of their work, and any other materials that can help you decide if the team is the right one to build your website or app. If you’re using offshore Python development services, you’ll have access to talent around the globe and can choose the organization that best suits your needs.