Web Design Trends


You can’t start something new in business without market analysis at home and abroad. We did a little research and found out in which direction web-development is moving and what trends are in web-design in 2019.

Before talking about specific innovations, let’s say that sites in 2019 combine two main features: technological and aesthetic qualities. And this development is not accidental. It reflects the desire of companies to be attractive and modern and the desire to simplify the site for the client. What we cannot but agree on.

We identified 5 trends in websites in 2019. Something may seem familiar to you, but remember, the trends do not originate instantly. Many of them were born earlier, but they are gaining popularity only now.

1. Minimalism
It continues to strengthen its position not only in the design of sites but also in the design world as a whole. The less text and various elements on the site, the easier it is to navigate the visitor on the site. In addition, this site is quite “light” and adaptive. Therefore, the minimalistic style will not only emphasize the style and individuality of the brand but also raise the site on technical factors. We recommend free mockups in the style of minimalism.

2. Convenient thumb navigation
Digital space goes into mobile versions and web design follows. Website design is no longer just adaptive for the smartphone, but it is convenient for classic one-finger use. Button layout, text input, scrolling. All these features should be available without unnecessary movements.

3. Micro-interaction
These are such small events that occur while working with the site. They do not catch the eye sharply but create a certain mood. It can be interesting transitions from picture to picture, animation of the picture when moving the cursor, animation or a pleasant sound at some action. This is a kind of response to the site to the action of the visitor. Thus, we have the visitor to the interaction and get a mini-game. And such actions are fascinating. The visitor can stay on the site longer, which will have a positive impact on SEO-optimization. After all, the time spent on the site is one of the ranking factors. You can read more about it here.

4. Natural, organic forms
Often, the model site looks like a clearly structured, usually rectangular or square forms. On the one hand – it is convenient, on the other – the same. With this solution, we live in a world of homogeneous, template sites that do not differ from each other. Therefore, in 2019, among the trends in web design will be smoother and more natural forms. They will give the site depth and highlight important elements. They will give an impression of comfort and accessibility.

5. Huge typography
Giant typography is not an opening for 2019. The development of this trend has been observed for the last 4 years, but now it is moving to a new level. Titles, price tags, descriptions – the majority of text elements of unusually large pins attract attention simply by their presence on the screen. However, now typography is becoming more conceptual, so we are waiting for bold and unexpected decisions.