Discover How to Measure ROI (return on investment) From Social Media


All companies seem to have acknowledged how important social media is when it comes to marketing online. For one, it builds a loyal bond between company and consumer and improves customer service. It can also help to boost organic Google listings and allow businesses to strengthen networked connections. Finally, it is a cost-effective way of marketing and is a monumental tool when it comes to word of mouth, allowing you to reach people all over the world. And, these points mentioned are just a mere handful of the benefits that can be reaped. As such, social media optimization should definitely be part of your marketing mix.

Nevertheless, every business’s main goal is, of course, ROI (return on investment). Thus, many will argue that the true success of social media implementation at your company is determined by your ROI figures. However, measuring social media ROI is not the easiest challenge in the world. Yet, this is not to say it is impossible. There are several tools at your disposal which can help you when it comes to measuring social media ROI. Read on to find out more.


A lot of people underestimate just how relevant interactions on Facebook and Twitter are. Yet they are imperative when it comes to determining how many people your message has reached. The way you go about this is in the following many accounts and then determining how many likes you have had on the post in question. After this, you need to multiply the figure by the number of friends that have seen it. Friends relate to those who are connected with the individual who has liked your post. This gives you a good idea of the number of people your post has reached.

Metric Tools

There are great social media measurement tools which can be utilised, such as OptimisedCPM and Conversion Measurement. These tools are always more effective when they are used in conjunction. They allow you to discover who has clicked on your advertisement and what their consequent action has been – did they subscribe to your newsletter? Did they buy a product? Or, did they merely leave? This is an effective tool when it comes to measuring advertisements your company has used through social media.

Examine Traffic

And last but not least, the final way you can measure social media ROI is through analyzing your website’s traffic. This is extremely straightforward and accurate. Your website’s analytics will be able to tell you how many people have visited your website as a result of clicking the URL through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social network you are using. This presents you with raw data, but it doesn’t present you with any scope to be able to analyze why people have clicked on your URL or whether that link results in someone buying a product or not. Nevertheless, you need traffic as the basis to generate exposure and to convert viewers into buyers, thus having a high traffic rate is a good indication that your social media campaign is working well.

These three methods of measuring social media ROI should be used together in order to provide you with the widest scope of data to analyze how well your social media campaign is doing.