10 Best Text to Speech Software


Thanks to technological advancements, reading or at least the ability to comprehend text based media has become available to everyone. Even those who are unable to hear, or see can use text to speech software in order to get a better grasp of the reading material, which helps them think critically in the long run. Here is the best text to speech voices that are currently on the market!

Murf AI

– Online Voice over maker
– Can be used by Individuals as well as Enterprises
– Match voiceovers with Videos or Presentations
– Natural Sounding voices
– Voice Editing using text

Murf AI voice generator is one of the best text to speech online tool in the market. It supports 100+ voices across 19 languages. The platform is simple to use and generates high quality voices from text. You can also upload your media and sync the voice overs with it. It also allows users to adjust pitch, speed, and add emphasis to certain part of text.


– Save audio for MP3
– Can be used for commercial purposes
– IVR Voice Generator
– Pitch and Voice Tuning
– Read Text Aloud

First on our list is NoteVibes. For readers that are suffering from a disability or they want to learn another language quickly, this is the right application for you. Its free limited version allows you to save over 200 characters of text into a natural sounding voice.

For those that are trying to read passages, they have an additional personal and commercial pack available. This will give you 500,000 – 1,000,000 characters to create voices for your videos, business broadcasts, or other personal projects.


– Text To Speech Converter
– Files History
– Fast Conversion Speed
– Upload .txt files
– IVR Voice Generator
– Free Plan Available

One of the best text to speech converters in our list is Naturaltts. This is a great tool that allows their customers to convert any type of text into high-realistic human speech. Naturaltts also becomes handy for the people who have dyslexia or similar disabilities. The free pricing subscription allows users to convert 5000 characters for free.

Overall, this is a very powerful tool that would be a great helper in many spheres, like in business or in studying.

Natural Readers

– OCR Technology
– Read on the Go
– Manual Word Pronunciation
– Read Webpages and Google Docs
– Clear Voice Narration

Natural Readers is another top tier text to speech software application. When in use, you can even modify the pronunciation of each word, so you and your audience can hear the voice more clearly. A definite go to for personal readers or businesses who need voices for their products.

One of its main features is its OCR Technology. It allows users to read from scanned images or documents. Then, it converts the words into text, making it easier for users to improve their reading comprehension or listen to the words out loud.

TTS Reader

– Remembers where you’ve previously started
– Multiple Speech Rates
– Exports Speech to Audio Files
– Listen to articles, ebooks, and websites
– Proof Read Your Writing

Third, on our list is TTS Reader. This application comes free and allows users to save their text in over 15+ natural sounding voices. These voices range from English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and lots more.
And the application is easy to use, making it great for beginners who are trying to improve their reading skills. Simply write something in the box and the text-to-speech software will it out loud, and you can download it as an MP3 file for when you need to hear it again.

From Text To Speech

– 50,000 Characters Available
– 7 Languages
– High-Quality Audio Files
– 3-5 Voices Per Language
– Copy and Paste Interface

For some of our readers, simplicity is valued over an application with a lot of bells and whistles. That’s where From Text To Speech comes in. This application allows you just to type text into a white copy-paste box and receive a quick MP3 file to hear your text in a natural sounding voice.

This is one of the best text to speech software with natural voices. It allows users to create an audio file, adjust the pitch, and have over 5 different voices available. So, consider using this device if you want to keep your text readings read and help your reading skills.

Text 2 Speech

– 4,000 Maximum Allowed Characters
– Easy to Use Interface
– 5 Voices
– Downloads in MP3 File
– Helps with Reading Comprehension

The fifth application on our list is Text to Speech. This app allows users to have 4,000 characters read out loud to them with over 5 voices available. So consider getting this app to help bring your reading to the next level.


– 27 Natural Sound Voices
– 3 Reading Speeds
– Manipulate Reading Speeds
– 10+ Languages
– Downloads in WAV and MP3

iSpeech is the best text to mp3 tool for readers, users, and international students. It works by placing your text inside the white paste box and then selecting a language and voice to speak your words out loud.

What makes this software special? It gives you the ability to change the reading speeds! This gives users who have dyslexia or hearing issues to have the text read out to them at a faster or slower pace. So consider getting this if you want to have the maximum voice control over your text.


– 30+ Languages Available
– TTS Translator
– API Ready for Developers
– Power Emotive Cues
– Speed, Pitch, and Voice Manipulation.

Oddcast is one of the best text to voice software available. This app has a TTS translator that helps English speakers convert to different languages, and the voices give off emotive cues when they’re reading your text. Through these emotive cues, it gives off a natural sound because it shows character behavior and responses to certain sentences as a normal person would.

Its voice manipulation is another feature that makes it the top text to audio tool. Users are able to adjust the pitch, sound, and speed of their readings, making it easier for slower readers to comprehend. So think on getting this software if you want something that will help make your text audible.

TTS Demo

– 10+ Languages Available
– Echo, Reverb, and Pitch effects
– 10 Voices
– 600 Characters Available
– Animated Faces For Each Voice

Next on our list is the TTS Demo. One thing that makes this application unique is its ability to use echo, flanger, reverb, and other effects for the robotic voice. It gives an animated version of the voice that’s speaking out your text, which helps give it a realistic appearance. Thus making it one of the best online text to speech tools because of its utility, voice accuracy, and over 600 characters for short sentences.


– Custom TTS Voices
– 20 Languages
– 250 Character Maximum
– 70 Available Voices
– Natural Sounding Text

Readerspeaker is a great tool because of it’s custom TTS voices. If you need a voice to be used for your brand of business, Readspeaker’s staff will help customize a voice just for you. And its a free text to speech application, meaning you can still enjoy using their services without having to pay a dime!


– 5,000 Characters Available
– Easily Paste Into Textbox
– Authentic Voices
– Fast Text Relaying
– Good for Beginners

Last but not least is TTS MP3. This software is easy to use as you can quickly place 5,000 characters in the box, which helps with reading short sentences daily. There are no downloads required, as you can simply use this from your web browser.


If you’re looking for the best text to speech program, these 10 tools are worth your time and money. When using this software, you’ll have access to different languages, reading speeds, and sound files to save your passages. We suggest you try them all out and see which one works best for you!