How to Develop a Food Delivery App like Uber


The food delivery industry is progressing at a higher rate. Business owners or investors willing to formulate on-demand solutions like Uber for Food Delivery App are on the right page… this is the best time to invest in on-demand food delivery apps. There may be top competitors but the businesses will no be tough as customers are rising, you only need to connect service providers to customers, same like others are doing.

Do you know the differences in creating an on-demand food delivery app like Uber from others? An advanced app only creates a difference; therefore, business owners have to invest in formulating the best app for service providers or users. The data, shown by Statista, clearly depicts the rise of revenue in the online food delivery segment. The revenue statistics is growing and expected to cross $ 137596 million by 2023.

Key Features to add in on-demand Food Delivery App

The structure should have multiple segments for customers, owners and service providers. Through the help of the customer panel, users will easily connect to service providers while the admin panel allows the management and supervision for orders. Check out the following features in on-demand apps.

– Advanced User Interface

The term user-friendly interface means a lot than it seems. The intuitive UI helps users to easily interact with the apps and requests. The look should be clean. This point has to be considered in different aspects. The user interface should not be clunky and takes the least time to showcase information. As per the research data, more than fifty percent of users don’t use apps if the UI experience is poor. More than eight percent of users are not going to use apps after the first two attempts. A well-designed interface will attract users and allow them to access the services quickly. The inbuilt features should allow quick access to products that customers are looking for. If customers are looking for product A and search results showed are rather different, then, customers will find inconvenience and may leave the app.

– Curated Offers

Every customer wants to save time and money. If you are formulating an advanced on-demand app, then, you are going to be in the list of the top on-demand service providers. On-demand have to be designed in such a way that it will start showing the relevant requirements as soon as users open the app. Based on past records, age, location, and gender, on-demand apps should show a list of products. Social media login options or profile creation will let such apps to gain information from customers or users. GPS options will help apps to gain the exact locations where the product needs to be delivered. Therefore, such options have to be added and become an essential part of an upgraded on-demand app. An integrated platform, with the use of artificial intelligence, will help in predicting things more better; for example, customer requirements.

Companies offering such services know the tactics to attract customers. Discounts, promo codes, bargain, reward points are some factors that help in retaining customers.

– Scheduling Facility

Scheduling facility is used in most of the on-demand apps and has become a requisite. This option will help order bookings in advance. For example, you can book your meal a few days ago using this feature. This handy facility will enable users to save time in ordering the same stuff; otherwise, customers or users will have to place an order every time from scratch. This factor is also playing an important role in retention. For example, you can add options like repeat order and one-click; these options will enhance users experience.

– Payment Options

Whatever service you are providing, an outdated payment platform can affect your entire business. It is an integral part of the order placement. Do you want to know how? Customers ordering food online will not try again and again if find difficulty in the online transaction process. Therefore, in such cases, the requirements for multiple payment options are seen. Such options make the payment process easier and upgraded.

Top on-demand app companies are using an integrated platform. The use of an integrated platform can be easily seen. If customers are using Google Pay, and there is no availability of such or other option alternatives, they can’t take services. For example, the availability of multiple payment options and integration is essential. For example, multiple payment gateways or wallet services – PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, cash on delivery, online banking systems, must be integrated.

– GPS Tracking

The delivery tracking feature is the most important and basic. Android, as well as iOS platforms, are using the GPS feature. With the help of this feature, customers can easily get real-time updates and information about their delivery. Customers become anxious to find about their ordered food, and this problem can be solved through the GPS tracking system.

This feature is also the part of an advanced UI as users don’t need to update their details wherever they are i.e. they can update delivery men about the location through this system.

“GPS tracking is crucial for any food delivery app, as it provides customers with real-time updates and ensures efficient delivery. It’s a basic yet essential feature that should be a part of any software for delivery optimization.” – Route4Me founder