Important Things to Consider When Buying A Laser Machine


Are you currently in that decisive moment, where you have to take an option on acquiring new laser cutting machines? Currently in the market, there are many brands and alternatives of laser cutting or laser engraving machines, however, before buying a laser machine, here are some important points you need to consider so you can have the best product for your money.

First of all, you must know with what materials you will work with the design. Each machine is designed to work optimally with a specific type of material, and you must prepare a design and a material that you will use to make a sample with different machines and parameters. That way, you can compare results in relation to power, speed, engraving, resolution, etc. The common materials include rubber, ceramics, wood veneer, cork, Corian, paper, plastic, glass, clothe, cardboard, etc.

In addition to the material, power is another essential condition. This is what will determine the type of work and the material. For example, to cut wood or DM of 2 to 6 mm thick, or 6mm plywood, the recommended power is from 30W because the working speed will be faster and therefore more productive; to cut 6-10mm of methacrylate the recommended minimum power is 60W and for rubber stamps the same. It must be clear what type of work we are going to be doing with the laser machine before making a decision.

Work Area
Another important feature to consider is the work area. This depends on the maximum size of piece to be worked; either to cut large pieces or for productions of several pieces simultaneously. We must also consider if the machine has an automatic change, which can streamline the finishing sequence of the project, optimizing the production time.

Finally, the after-sales service. Choose a manufacturer or distributor that can guarantee support for your machine, either for training or to resolve incidents. The machine will be working daily, so you have to decide on the one with the highest quality for your needs.

Some Questions to Ask Before Buying A Laser Machine
Within the laser machine industry, there are countless technologies, formats, powers and different prices. When you first consider buying laser engraving machine and cutting; either small or medium format to expand your business or start a new project, you often get lost in a tangle of numbers, units and concepts that are not always easy to put in order.

What Questions Do You Have to Answer Before Giving the Pass?
To define whether you need a wood or metal laser cutting machine, you need to ask yourself the following questions and ensure you have just the right answer to them:

1. Type of work you want to perform (mark, record or cut)
2. Materials that you want to mark, engrave or cut
3. Maximum support size to mark, record and cut
4. In case of cutting work, maximum thickness of the material to be cut
5. Production level
6. Budget

Some Answers That Can Help You Decide
When to Choose A Flatbed Laser System?

– You want to cut, in addition to fabrics or cardboard, other materials such as wood or methacrylate.
– You want to engrave or cut large pieces (surfaces greater than 60 cm.).
– You need to make cuts in previously printed pieces (Print & Cut).
– In case you have little staff and want to do other things while the engraving/cutting work lasts. The laser machine is located in a public space (security).

When to Choose a Galvo Laser?
– When you want to integrate the laser to a production line.
– It is about marking or engraving small pieces.
– You need a very high production or repetitive pieces.
– You have 100% dedicated staff to the team.

When to Choose A Team with CO2 Laser Tube?
– When you look for the greatest versatility possible.
– You want to mark, record or cut any of the materials in the list.
– The budget is reduced (with respect to solid state laser).

When to Choose A Team with Fiber Laser Tube?
– When you want, only mark or record metals or technical plastics from the list.
– You want a high production in metal cutting applications.