How To Design Emotional Engagement In Web Design


As a designer is a web design Singapore company I have come across many instances of great designs not having the desired impact. The logo could be one of the best designed, the website a great design but somehow it does not succeed. At the same time a website which does not meet our exacting standards could be very successful. The reason for this is more due to the emotional engagement that the user has with the website. For example, I shop at a few places which are my favourite. I do not go to other websites even though I may get better deals there. Why do I do that? I do that because there is an emotional bond that I have with those websites. It could be due to easy recall of the name of the website, it could be due to a feeling of safety as I know that all payments are secure, it could be due to a force of habit etc. Whatever the reason I am emotionally attached to it and this emotional engagement should come forward in web design for a website to be successful.

A few tips are given below to design emotional engagement:

– To improve emotional engagement you should paint a vivid story to your customers. People love to listen to stories or read stories, hence when they look at your web design it should come across well. You can start by adding a success story to your website. People love success stories. For example: if you have a fitness website and if you blandly put up information such as 95% people lost weight after trying your fitness regimen, people will not believe it. They will not be attracted to it, they will feel that it is just a marketing gimmick and 95% success rate is unheard of. However, if you post a success story video with before and after pictures and how doing the regimen changed the lives of people, the user will be interested, they will be attracted to it. They will get emotionally engaged and they will not only subscribe to the fitness regimen, they will tell others about it and get you more sales.

– Another way to improve emotional engagement is to allow the information to be shared by the users. As we all know, man is a social animal and the social media has taken the world by storm. All great videos, websites, podcasts, images etc., tend to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So make sure that people can easily share information from your website to these mediums. It will really help in emotional engagement as people will keep coming back for more. Tell you web design Singapore firm to ensure this.

– Be aware of your target audience. To do that you should use metrics such as page views, impressions, bounce rate etc. There are many tools out there that will help you in this regard and every web design Singapore firm knows that. With this data you can get into the mind of your audience. You can also create advertising campaigns and surveys to get into the mind of your audience. When people respond to your surveys make sure that they get something in return which is worthwhile such as discounts or a free ebook, something that will make them keep coming back. With relevant data you can always show your customers what they want when they visit your website. For example Google ads always show relevant advertisements based on your recent search data. Most people like to see images that are visually great and hence use images that are visually appealing to your audience. If the audience does turn up but leaves almost immediately to other websites, it means your bounce rate is high. A high bounce rate means you are not emotionally clicking with your audience, so make sure that the design is appealing and attracts the audience and creates a sense of attachment making them stay and explore your website.

– Content is king and will always be king and your web design Singapore company knows that. If your content is not good, you can be sure that there will be no emotional engagement with your audience. So always have good and quality content on your website. Keep the information current and up to date. Also have some fine images in the content to improve the look and feel of the pages. The images should be relevant to the topic and enhance the content quality. Posting poor content regularly may make your website stay on top of search engine results but you will have high bounce rates, so take your time and if needed spend that little extra to get the best quality content and you will be really grateful for it.
Ask your web design Singapore company to Keep doing the things that make people coming back because those are things that have an emotional connect with the audience.

Author Bio: Shu is the Director, Brand Communication & Client Relations of One X Tech. She supports clients in digital transformations, with a particular focus on consumer businesses and leads the efforts in growing new capabilities and partnerships.