Summary On How To Make Passive Income From Shopify Drop Shipping Online Book Opportunities


Earning through Shopify and drop shipping is a prevalent means of making a steady income. Without a doubt, the demand for Shopify and drop shipping mostly stems from the effectivity of these avenues in providing passive income opportunities. Because of the clamor of many to learn more about Shopify and drop shipping, a lot of experts have used this to their advantage, to write books on these matters.

You might be reading this article because you have a lot to share about Shopify and drop shipping, which may pique your interest about earning passive income through writing a book. That said, here are tips on how you can do so:

Study More About Dropshipping And Shopify

Whether or not you already know a lot about drop shipping, it is still an excellent idea for you to study more about the topic. For your book to be chosen above thousands of others, you have to stand out and you need to have substance, which you can only achieve when your knowledge about the topic at hand is just as in-depth or even beyond the knowledge possessed by others.

Moreover, for you to continue to be an effective author that earns income, you need continuity. Hence, after writing your first book, you must strive to write another one, and so on. With this, it is even more essential for you to never consider yourself an expert on drop shipping, but rather, as a student who needs to keep learning. The more you know about Shopify, the more you can write about it, and the more profitable you can become as an author.

As a bonus guide to help you out, here’s a Shopify ecommerce book summary for you to review and study on as you begin your preparations for writing your eBook.

Evaluate Your Passion Towards Shopify And Drop Shipping

You’re mistaken if you think you can get away with writing about Shopify and drop shipping when you aren’t even passionate about them. There is no way for you to succeed in anything, unless you put your whole heart into the endeavor. This must be something for you to really be passionate about, as your readers will be able to discern this through the tone that you use in your eBooks.

If you honestly feel that, at the moment, this isn’t something you are passionate about, then don’t force yourself. Perhaps you are better off delaying writing your eBook or writing about another aspect of digital marketing instead. Remember your end goal, which is still to earn passive income.

Create Your Title Strategically

Think of this section in the same manner as you would when writing headings on your website for your Shopify or drop shipping business. You have to be brief but concise, catchy, but complete. This principle should also apply to your eBook title. After you have completed the contents of your eBook, one of the last, but most important steps that you will undertake is in the drafting of your title. You cannot just do this haphazardly.

An excellent tip that can come in handy is putting yourself in the shoes of the reader. When choosing between various titles, how can you capture their attention? Be creative, and keep readers curious about what it is your eBook has to offer.

Format Your eBook

The format is just as important as the content of your book. No matter how excellent your content is, you won’t get other readers to purchase more of your eBooks if your formatting is terrible. Remember that you are already writing about something technical to begin with. Drop shipping and Shopify are two concepts that aren’t easy to study or read about. Hence, you have to make the process of reading as easy as it should be for your readers. Keep your book easy on the eyes.

Here are some tips for you to remember:

– Always double check the format, as Word documents may come off as different on eBook formats, such as Kindle
– Double check the page numbers
– Highlight chapter headings and breakers in text boxes
– Create a break between paragraphs, chapters, and subheadings

Put In Attractive Graphics

Shopify and drop shipping are very interesting concepts to learn about. Why? Almost everyone will want to get a head start on these platforms for earning an income because of their reputed profitability. But as much as many are interested in reading and learning about these, most eBook readers also hate monotony. As Shopify and drop shipping are very technical to learn about, keep your readers interested by putting in the appropriate graphics. With this, you can also better explain concepts that need visual accompaniment.

Another bonus tip is to make it a point to include headshots in your graphics, whether of you, members of your team, or any other professional for that matter, especially if you’re including a section for testimonials. Headshots have the effect of making your content look and feel more professional, hence creating a deeper trust with your readers.


If you are one of those who have dreamed about writing a book but don’t know where to start, now you have these tips to guide you in the process of doing so. Writing an eBook is already an excellent means to earn a passive income, more so with an in-demand topic such as Shopify and drop shipping. You can now start earning passive income for as long as you leave your eBooks online for others to purchase and read.