Signs Of A Good Web Hosting Company


A good website is very important for any kind of business, whether big or small. Now, because of this, it’s crucial that you be able to determine which web hosting company is the best for your needs. To make the decision process more manageable, there are signs of a good web hosting company that you might want to look out for when doing your research. Here are some of them:

A Good Hosting Company Has Features to Enhance the Uptime

One of the first things to check about a web hosting company is its uptime. You can check this statistic if you go to any review site, such as hostadvice, and search for a specific provider. Uptime measures the percentage of time your website is up and available to anyone who wants to visit it. One hundred percent is the end goal. A good web hosting company should give you metrics on uptime. So, the higher the percentage, the better the availability of the website, which is what you ideally aim for.

A great web hosting company will throw in a few more upgrades or features complementing uptime. These are the following:

– Duplicate servers in one data center
– Duplicate servers in many data centers
– Uptime guarantee

The Web Host Can Deliver Faster Speed

One of the critical factors for websites is the load time. For websites that load slowly, there is a high chance of losing potential and existing customers. By having a slow website, the first impression that a customer gets from you is one that’s immediately negative. For example, people love Kinsta hosting for the speed it provides customers, so you should keep your website’s loading speed as a top priority.

So, the higher the speed that the web hosting company can load other websites, the better. Here are just some of the metrics or features that you have to look out for when checking on the speed:

– How the company uses cache to pre-load unchanging parts of the website
– The number of sites limited on one server
– Usage of solid state drives (SSD)

The Web Host Offers Tools and Themes for Your Web Design

Of course, you want your website to be practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Now that you are assured of the usability and technicalities of the website, you need to also make sure that the web hosting company also provides tools for design. Some web hosting companies offer site owners packages containing themes and customization tools for you to experiment on. Having a website that looks good will affect the overall sentiments of your customers as this can significantly impact their user experience. Moreover, a website that looks cluttered and unprofessional may affect the credibility of your brand.

The Hosting Provider Has Security Settings and Pre-Configured SSL Certificates

Security is everyone’s concern nowadays. When choosing a web hosting company, it’s important to look out for the security measures put in place by web hosting companies. Security plays a big role in protecting the visitors’ and customers’ data, as well as your company’s data. So, check out the security packages that are included.

Moreover, you should also see useful tools like free SSL certificates or backups. SSL certificates are the ones that encrypt the information being passed on between the server and visitor’s web browser. In addition to that, SSL certificates are also a contributing factor to your rankings in Google search results.

There Are Available Support Teams

What can go wrong will go wrong. As the saying goes, something wrong is bound to happen even though you’ve taken the necessary precautions. When this happens, you want to make sure that the web hosting company will be right there to fix your problems and help put out fires.

Make sure that the web hosting company that you will get has 24/7 support. Moreover, pay attention to the different kinds of channels where you can reach them. There may be times that a phone line won’t be available to you. Check if there are other ways you can contact them. Before you hire the hosting company, you can try to make phone calls to their support lines to see if they all work. Be sure to check how their tech support agents react to your problems, and if they are also friendly.

The Web Host Is Affordable and Doesn’t Impose Limits

A good web hosting company doesn’t overcharge you. Instead, they approach you as their partner to make your website as good as it can get. With this, a good web hosting company should not be imposing limits or quotas on the services that they provide. There must be no limit for the following:

– Storage
– Traffic
– Email and FTP accounts
– Sub domains


With this primary checklist on hand, you will be able to find a good web hosting company that exactly suits your needs and even goes beyond meeting your expectations with the added features they offer. With these signs, you will be assured that your company’s website will be in good hands.