How to Start and Play Subway Surfers


Mobile games are so important. Many people mistakenly think the reason why others play these games is to pass time. In reality, the games come with a lot of benefits. Did you know that? For instance, one study shows playing mobile games is one way of increasing creativity. Come to think of it – when you struggle with the different condition in a game and come out victorious, isn’t your problem-solving skills enhanced? Some of the lessons you can gain from these games are so important in real life situation. The ability to solve problems is important in nearly all aspects of life. So you are one of those guys with a negative approach to games, think again.

Today, one of the most cherished mobile games is subway surfer. Ever heard of it? It not only keep you busy but also enhances your analytical and problem-solving skills. In this blog, we are going to help you get acquainted with this game. We are going to discuss how to start and play subway surfers. So let us begin.

Subway Surfers

This is a common mobile game which involves dodging obstacles, attempting to remain in the game the longest you can. For you to be successful, you must have a quick reaction speed as well a good timing. It is because of this feature you have to Run Subway Surfers on Your PC. You may also need some important tips to be successful. Let us see how you can get the game and play on your pc.

Get it first

Generally, the game runs natively on Android OS. To begin, just download it from Google PlayStore. It is also possible to play the game on your pc. In fact, most of the individuals prefer this option because of the screen size. This is because the game involves dodging of obstacles as highlighted earlier.

Nevertheless, to have in on your pc you need an emulator. This is just an app that permits playing android games through your PC. They simply help to simulate Android OS on the PC and allows you to run the games as well as apps. Most of the emulators are available free of charge. The most common ones are bluestacks and memu app player. Let’s see how you can use each one of them in this regard.

This is the common and preferred emulator when it comes to playing android games on your PC. In fact, it permits personalization of the keyboard layout during the game. It is also available for download free online. To install, follow the steps:

• Download online
• Double-click the downloaded file
• Follow the instructions given to launch it
• Sign in using your Google account
• Once you sign in, you will be able to see PlayStore
• Click it, look for subway surfers and download
• Follow the instructions to install the game.

Memu App Player
This is yet another important emulator you can use to run the game in your PC. Unlike bluestacks, memu is ads-free and this makes the game enjoyable and runs smoothly. Download it online and use the same steps to install. Once installed, you will see PlayStore. Search the game and simply follow instructions to download and launch it.

How to Play

• Swipe up for jumping. This will allow you to evade obstacles and get coins. To jump highly to the top of the train you need Super Sneakers.
• Swipe down for rolling. You will have to roll under some low obstacles.
• For changing lanes, you will have to swipe either left or right depending on the situation.
• To hop the hoverboard, double-click your screen.
• There will be coins dispersed and you will have to hastily move in order to collect them. Your aim is to collect as many as you can.
• You will come across various powerups as you play. These include:

a) Jetpack. Will allow you to jump over the train track and collect additional coins.
b) Super Sneakers. Helps you jump relatively higher
c) Coin Magnet. Allows attraction of surrounding coins without necessarily touching
d) 2x Multiplier. Will double your score

With these tips, you can effectively play the game. Let’s briefly look at how to survive.

How to subsist a run

• To get to the top of trains, make use of the rumps.
• Try and time your moves. Ensure you are leaving sufficient time to evade approaching obstacles.
• Change lanes while you are in midair
• Once you jump, instantly roll and you will earn coins on trains’ tops
• To avoid crashes, make use of hoverboard.


While subway surfers are quite intuitive and easy, it is easy not that easy to master it. You will be required to employ a number of strategies and different skills in order to score high.