Tips for Keeping Your Crew Comfortable During an Outdoor Trade Show


Trade shows are a great way for small and midsized businesses to find new customers and clients. They can be a great way to connect with other area businesses too! It’s no wonder that many businesses schedule trade shows throughout the year. Inevitably, at least one of those trade shows is scheduled outdoors.

You may look forward to spending the day outside instead of inside a stuffy building, but you and your crew will only enjoy your time at the trade show if you prepare properly. If you don’t, you’ll be miserable, and that attitude will seep into your interactions, which can be very bad for business.

Here are some tips to make sure everyone who’s working your booth during the day is comfortable.

Protection from the Sun

Protection from the sun is vital. Soaking up a few rays can boost vitamin D, but too much time in the sun will result in a sunburn. It can cause headaches, and it can make your coworkers tired.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy either. You can still get a sunburn if you spend the day outside under the clouds in the summer!

Keep your crew covered with a canopy tent with your logo. Not only will it provide your crew with the ability to get out of the sun, it will provide trade show visitors with a chance to get out of the sun too, all the while promoting your business by showcasing your logo front and center.

Dress Appropriately

Chances are, you have a dress code for your crew. You may require them to wear a shirt with your logo, or a shirt in a certain color. Just make sure you take the weather into account when deciding on the dress code for the day.

For example, you may like the way your company’s polo looks with black pants, but if it’s forecasted to be especially hot the day of the trade show, you should allow them to wear shorts instead.

Versatile clothing is a good idea too. A zip-up or button-up jacket can keep your crew warm in the early morning hours, but it can be taken off when it gets hot in the afternoon.

Stay Hydrated

Spending all day in the sun, especially on your feet, can be extremely dehydrating. Unfortunately, pop and energy drinks won’t solve the problem. You and your crew really need water when spending the day at an outdoor trade show.

But water is so boring! How do you get your crew to drink more water? Here are a few ideas:

– Bring water that is flavored with fruit
– Pass out water bottles before everyone gets started for the day
– Bring a cooler that is stocked with water
– Take a water break, and bring back refilled bottles for everyone
– Snack on water-rich foods, like watermelon and cucumber

Rotate Breaks

Breaks are scheduled into your day at the office because you understand how breaks can help your brain, so why do so many people forget to schedule breaks when attending a trade show!

It’s not a good idea to wing it. If you wait until everyone is exhausted until you let them go on a break, you won’t get the best from them. Not to mention, multiple members of your crew will go missing at the same time.

Instead, create a rotating break schedule before you get to the trade show. That way, everyone knows when they can look forward to getting away for a few minutes, and you aren’t stuck manning the booth by yourself.

Bring Something Fun to Do

There can be some downtime at trade shows. Help your crew pass the time by bringing a few fun games or a deck of cards. It can help your crew get through a boring afternoon, and it can be great for customers and clients too. People like to enter booths that look like the people inside are having fun!

Tempted to take away everyone’s cell phones to ensure they focus on customer interactions? You should reconsider. Gaming on a cell phone can actually make you more productive! Just make sure you outline your expectations for cell phone use to ensure no one spends the entire trade show playing solitaire.

Outdoor trade shows can be an effective way to market your business, and they can be fun for your employees too, but only if you’re fully prepared. These tips will make sure everyone makes it to the end of the day happy and energized.