Get to Know Invoice and Invoice Template!


An invoice is a document in which all the information about a sale transaction is recorded. The sale can be of material goods or services, as it is in the case of hiring professionals.

Currently, in our current legislation, there are 6 invoice models that can be issued:

– Ordinary invoice: Also known as complete invoice. It is the most common invoice model. It contains all the information about a transaction of sale of products or services.

– Simplified invoice: In colloquial terms we can say that it is the type of invoice that has replaced the traditional tickets. Its function is the same as that of the previous model, with the particularity that some data is dispensed with, such as the identity of the buyer.

– Rectifying invoice: As its own name indicates it serves to rectify another invoice when an error has been made. Obviously the wrong invoice will be prior to the rectification. In it, reference should be made to the invoice that is intended to be corrected, as well as the reason for the correction. The rectification invoice can be used for the correction of both an ordinary and simplified invoice.

– Recapitulative invoice: It is an invoice model in which several operations carried out with the same addressee are collected, in a specific period of time. If these operations have been previously invoiced individually, the previous invoices should be left unused. Otherwise, the recapitulative invoice does not have fiscal validity.

– Proforma invoice: This type of invoice does not have any kind of fiscal validity. It is only a draft. It is usually used to send a budget to a client of what the price of the products or services that it requests would be.

– Electronic invoice: It consists of a new format to issue and receive invoices that little by little is gaining ground to the traditional invoice. Both the sender and the receiver must have the necessary means to read it. To be able to issue it, it is necessary to have a specific program for its preparation as our manufacturing tool, with which electronic invoices can be made in a very intuitive way. You can also order the issuance of electronic invoices to a third party, there are companies that are dedicated to it.

However, whatever type of invoice is chosen, errors in choosing a template can lead to not achieving the goals to be achieved. The invoice template that you use to generate your business invoices is more important than at first glance.

It is not just a legal document. It is part of your brand image.

Your invoice template should have a professional aspect, for this reason it is important that:

    Have a good design.
    Include the corporate colors.
    Have the appropriate legal information.
    Include the company logo.
    Have the appropriate numbering: correlative to the previous invoices.
    Include everything necessary to facilitate the payment of it.

The direct invoice templates offer you everything you need and more. They are templates designed to include all the information that your invoice must contain and that also have the professional aspect you need.

In general, these are the things that you can customize:

    The colors.
    The logotype.
    The data shown: you can decide to hide some data in the invoice in PDF version.
    The line spacing
    The format of the date.
    The margins.
    The information of the foot and the head.
    The form of payment.
    The columns.
    The size of the logo

In some templates, you can even add a background image to add a promotion, a watermark or something else.