4 Tips For Getting Your Brick and Mortar Store A Better Digital Presence


Getting traffic to your brick and mortar store can be tough. When you consider how much effort it takes to be advertising, presenting yourself, and updating inventory, taking on digital marketing seems like a full-time job in itself. However, with the right approach, you not only could start producing more content to get more traffic but do so without working overtime. That’s why we’re giving you the lowdown on a few tips on how. Check them out below:

Pick Up Some New Tools

If you’re going to be engaging with more customers digitally, then you need to sharpen your digital tool shed. Although you might be thinking that simply knowing how to use Instagram or Twitter will suffice when it comes to posting, there’s an array of analytics and content building tools you can use to generate more of a following and steadily improve your base. However, a big part of that is first knowing how to utilize these aspects to become the most efficient with your time.

An excellent example is a platform like YouTube. As noted by Hootsuite, approximately 96 percent of 18 to 24-year-old Americans use YouTube regularly, making it a great primary content source, followed by distributing to channels like Instagram TV or Twitter. Check out the best free video editing software for YouTube, as well as some other tools like social or link analytics. Although it’ll take some time, establishing a base with the proper tools will help tremendously in building more content for your store.

Get Up On The ‘Gram

If you’re going to be good at digital marketing, then Instagram is an absolute must. According to Brandwatch, 60 percent of Instagram users report finding new products on the platform, which there’s no reason why your brand can’t be the most prominent tastemaker out of the bunch. Granted, even though you’re competing against national brands in certain regards, that still doesn’t negate the fact your brand can’t become an influencer on Instagram. That starts with knowing why people should follow you in the first place.

When looking at your Instagram following, first ask yourself what type of demographic this is, as well as what type of demographic you’re after. From there, make it a habit to regularly follow a posting schedule, varied between planned campaigns as well as more “day in the life” content. As you receive comments, likes, follows, or any other form of engagement, try to reciprocate a similar effort across your industry, following a trend of what people are into. Remember, as your store is a big part of your life, embrace the time you spend on Instagram as a moment to express yourself, as well as learn more about your growing base.

Brands Are People Too

Although it can sound funny to say, when it comes to their digital presence, brands are often considered people too. Quite simply, your base feels special when a brand interacts with them as it shows you’re humble, as well as you care about your base. As noted by Sprinklr, customers that receive a response from a brand on Twitter are willing to spend 20 percent more, as well as are 30 percent more likely to recommend that brand to a friend. Yes, when it comes to becoming ‘friends’ with your brand, a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

If you haven’t already, take a step back and glance at what you’d consider your brand voice and personality is, as well as if it’s something you feel like you can produce every time. Granted, we’ll note that not every brand is going to be like Wendy’s with a sarcastic, witty voice, but having a sense of what’s genuine to you should be the ideal consideration. Additionally, always make a note to respond quickly to comments, occasionally responding to a question or statement that infers some sort of response. Take this is an opportunity to create lifetime customers, as these people will appreciate being an early member of your brand’s community down the road.

Call Them In

Finally, as the entire goal of upping your digital marketing is to acquire more customers for your store, sometimes that simply requires calling them in. Utilizing well-written call-to-actions can sometimes be that driving edge to getting customers out of the house and in your store, and the results have shown this as well. According to Protocol80, adding CTAs to a brand’s Facebook post increased the click-thru rate by 285 percent, which goes to show that people do click when you say “Click Here,” ‘Buy Now,” or “Act Fast.” We’ll note, however, that your CTA should be unique to your intended goal as the primary driving force home.

A good suggestion for a CTA is to call people into something limited or rare. For example, events like a pop-up party or flash sale can go a long way in getting people in the door since there’s a short window they can experience this in. Additionally, showcasing something as unavailable can be a good way to get people in the door. Your CTA should be something that you, yourself would feel like is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on, continuing a full-circle from online to in-person.

What are some digital marketing techniques that have helped your brick and mortar store thrive? Comment with your insights below!