The Evolution of Video Game Design


Back in 1972, Pong was one of the first video games that gave birth to the idea of commercial homemade video game consoles. Quite a few more games were developed around that time, the success soon soared high, and the gaming industry began to emerge.

A step back in history

Fast-forward 47 years and you are looking at an immersive virtual reality gaming environment that is not limited to just a handful of games anymore. The industry is now valued at more than $100 billion, and one of the reasons for this success is the continuous improvements in technology and graphics.

Gamers are now fond of minimalistic designs, and that’s what the online gaming websites are trying to incorporate. Additionally, they are offering a variety of free games to check the response from players when it comes to graphics and game design. For one, freegamepick is a one-stop gaming portal in which players can choose from a variety of games from different genres.

Introduction of 3D games

The change that brought the evolution of video game design was the introduction of 3D technology. The ability to achieve multiple things in one scene became a priority for many game developers. 2D games were in full swing even in the 1990s, but the gamers demanded more, and this invited the change from 2D to 3D games to give a more realistic approach.

One of the reasons why the 2D games were slowly fading away was because of the lack of in-game storytelling. While a few of them had amusing stories, they did not have the depth that the modern gamers wanted.

With the development of technology, game developers tried to simulate realistic situations in various games. This included not only an engaging storyline but also vivid backgrounds and graphics that resembled what you usually see around you. Gaming websites now use the same concept. Playing a game is the priority these days along with quality graphics and a satisfying story. Most gaming websites offer a range of games that perfectly show how far game design and storytelling has come over the years.

The rise of mobile gaming

The advantage of playing games on these websites is that they support mobile gaming as well. Some of the sites have mobile applications that you can install on your phone to play the games. These games are not just 3D games, but if you wear a VR headset, you will feel like you are a part of the game yourself.

First-person shooter games are widely popular around the world. These games have some of the best graphics in the modern gaming industry. But when you experience it in VR, the experience just takes on a whole new level.

While a few 2D games remain popular because many players like to play easy games without any real storyline, the focus is more on how to improve the gaming experience overall. From graphics to sound effects, the game developers are trying to give a more realistic experience to the gamers. With virtual reality already making its mark in the gaming industry, it is only a matter of time before all developers start designing games that support VR. It’s an ambitious attempt, yet one that proves necessary to meet the demands of gamers who long to be a part of the game’s dynamics and storyline.