What Are the Needed Computer Specs for VR Online Games?


For a fact, Virtual Reality (VR) is a fairly new type of technology which gives users the opportunity of getting immersed in an era that has a striking similarity to the real world. Thus, it involves the use of a headset into a three-dimensional world via phenomenal computer software and imagery.

As such, in the gaming industry, these headgears and eyewear such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and HTC Vive, among others, throw players into the ambiance of an actual wagering platform like http://casinosvr.org for where they really are. In the past years since the VR devices penetrated the business, casino investors took it upon themselves to make Virtual Reality Gaming as the next major step for the web-based betting sector. Once they finally did, the positive response from customers has been beyond impressive.

With that said, we shall discuss in depth, the type of PC specs you will require, to relish in these kinds of games, not to mention the various components you ought to take into consideration.

The Top-notch PCs for VR- The Recommended Specifications
Prior to the launching of the unique headsets mentioned above, PC developers did not know the needed specifications for Virtual Reality gaming. Nonetheless, in the current era, buyers will have the ability to keep an eye out for the label, as assurance that the laptops, PCs, or Graphics Cards which they pin down, have the capability of coping with the demands of VR wagering.

For those who are not aware, these games require seven times the graphics power of the typical three-dimensional slot machines, with the reason being, the card has the responsibility of delivering high-resolution optics to both eyes, at ninety per second. Therefore, if your computer encounters the struggle of playing machines at a resolution of 1920×1080, then the lowest consideration is thirty frames on for every second. Hence, this, in turn, means that your device will not be powerful enough to cope with the Oculus Rift for example, which has two screens of 1680×1512, more so, if you would like 90fps.

Well, this then begs the question, “what hardware do you require?”
If you are referring to a Personal Computer, it will require having the following specifications for a phenomenal experience:

Nvidia GTX970 or an AMD Radeon R9 Graphics Card.
– HDMI 1.3 Output.
– Two Times USB 3.0
– Intel Core i5-4590 or something similar.
– RAM amounting to 8GB.
– An operating system of Windows 7 or higher.

It is essential to keep in mind that the above, is not the lowest requirements, but the suggested specifications. While players may be able to get away with a CPU of less power, for instance, it is not advisable to do so, as developers are also working with these specs to ensure the running of the games goes smoothly, without any hitches. Furthermore, if you are willing to spend an arm and a leg on a VR headset, then you might as well have a computer that is suitable enough to run it.

What Is the Cost of a VR PC or Components?

– If you choose to purchase a new Personal Computer, then you will indeed incur a setback of approximately £1500, excluding a monitor. Nonetheless, that is if you wish to have the top-notch components. Players can also get a computer (minus the monitor) which meets the specifications as per Oculus Rift or Nvidia for about £800. However, with the addition of SSDs, external hard drives, or advanced sound cards, the total costs may be not less than £1000. On the other hand, participants who wish to upgrade their current PC may only require a new graphics card, if the other components are at par with those on the recommended list, or higher.

– While a GTX 970 may cost you a setback of £200, it is indeed much harder to find the older version of Radeon 290, whereby the 390 takes its place, and more importantly, costs roughly the same.

– The Radeon R9 380X from AMD is quite as powerful as the GTX 980 and is readily available at about £350.

– As you know, RAM is greatly affordable, which means that 8GB may cost as little as £30. With that said, makes more sense to go for 16 GB instead. However, this is the DDR3 pricing. The DDR4 is slightly more expensive and thereby costs approximately £45 for the 8GB.

– For a fact, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is not cheap, as it will cost you £160. What is more is that you will require a cooler as well as motherboard, if your components do not accept an LGA 1150 processor.

All in all, VR is indeed the next frontier of the gaming industry, with a lot more for learning. As gamblers spend more time with each headset, they will be able to attain more knowledge regarding the idiosyncrasies which lie behind the platforms.