Printed Photos in a Digital World


1.2 trillion digital photos are taken each year, reports Business Insider. The study also reports that because most of these digital photos were taken on smartphones it has resulted with the rapid decline in sales of traditional cameras like DSLR or even digital cameras.

While smartphones have caused a booming trend in how we share photos, the importance of preserving printed photos in our digital world seems ever more looming. We live in a world of instant social media sharing, but too often forget the importance of a printed photograph. Whether sharing a printed portfolio of photography to show off, creating a homey gallery wall, or deciding on the simple yet classic frame, printing photos in a world consumed by the digital is a must.

Better Cameras, Better Printers: What’s the Problem?

In a tech-infused world where not only are smartphone cameras are getting stronger but so too is the digital photo-editing software and printing device – why would we not take advantage and enjoy the art of printed photography? When the trend used to be disposable cameras, unfortunately you wouldn’t know a photo was a dud until you developed the film from age-old companies like Kodak.

Now with high-tech photo editing software from your fingertips you can fix and touch-up those unwanted red eyes and glare before you print your memories into a photo collage maker. Take advantage of the new technology and have high-definition photography hanging in your home.

Preserving Memories in a Safe Format

One major drawback of our digital world is the mounting number of files we create everyday on our phones; camera rolls with thousands of photographs, social media apps inundated with photos. What do you do when you really want to find one particular photo but have to weed through thousands? How do you predict a hard-drive disaster with a loss of all your files?

With printed photography, however, no need to deal with all the unpredictable and potential issues of digital style storage of memories. Know that your favorite picture from your favorite place is safe on the walls in your home or your picture frame next to your bed. Printed photos stay with us – through every home and apartment – whereas digital files can be left astray with changing technology and devices.

Although in this era, our first instinct is to whip out our iPhone to share pictures with loved ones. At the end of the day, however, it’s about preserving our happy memories and the safest and most meaningful way to do that is through printed photos.