3 Easy Ways to Frame Photos with Better Composition


Composition is a concept that beginners often struggle with, but at its core it is really just the way that elements in the photo are arranged. That is why the way that you frame your photo has a big impact on its composition.

At the end of the day ‘good’ and ‘bad’ composition are entirely subjective concept. That being said there are some easy ways that you can try to frame your composition better:

– Find and include a strong focal point in the photo
A strong focal point will draw the attention of viewers to that specific point and pique their interest. Most strong compositions are structured around a strong focal point – which is why you should try to find and include one in yours.

Ideally you should look for some unique element that stands out to use as a focal point. The more that it contrasts against the rest of the composition, the stronger it will be.

– Apply the rule of thirds
The rule of thirds is a very easy composition technique that helps to balance the composition. All you need to do to use it is turn on the grid feature on your camera and arrange elements using the gridlines and intersection points.

If your photo has a focal point, it will typically occupy one of the inner intersection points. Other important elements can be aligned using the gridlines, and spaced out to maintain the balance of the shot.

– Fill the frame
Another easy way to create photos that have a unique composition is to fill the frame with the subject. It is a technique that will reveal more detail in the subject, while at the same time making it automatically the center of attention.

If you do use this technique, try to find a specific feature that can act as a focal point. For example if you fill the frame with a face, the eyes would be the perfect focal point for the photo.

Keep in mind that you should always try to move physically closer to the subject instead of using the digital zoom on your camera.

Keep in mind that none of these techniques are unbreakable, and you should use or not use them as frequently as you see fit. At the end of the day the subjective nature of composition means that you will have to evaluate each photo that you snap individually and decide which technique would be best – if any.

If you want you can use Movavi Photo Editor to crop and adjust the frame, or remove unwanted elements from its composition. Because of how user-friendly it is you should have no problem doing either, and you could even learn how to enhance a photo, change its background, apply filters, and more.

The best way to come to grips with the composition techniques listed above is to try them out and experiment with them to snap different photos. The more experience you have using them, the better you’ll be able to gauge how to frame and compose your shots in the future.