Is Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform?


Shopify is arguably the most progressive form of ecommerce available on the market today. Between their vast servers, solid uptime numbers, and cloud based platform, they are poised to be the top dog across the industry. Shopify created their niche by taking the leg work out of a lot of process for the small business user. However, are they the best e-commerce platform out there? Here is a look at the inside scoop.

Starting off the roster with Shopify, taka a look at all they offer. The best thing they have to offer is a robust API and App store network that is easy to customize to whatever business you happen to be in. Combine this with compatibility to most major IT platforms, painless implementation and a great customer support system, they have a recipe for success. These factors make them one of the most scalable and successful ecommerce platforms out there. Lots of online vape companies use Shopify for their ease of use.

One of the biggest competitors to Shopify is Wix. This site is boasted as one of the easiest pick up and play type sites out there. You can literally have a website going in two hours. Of course, with this type of easy access and customization, it may not offer the most in depth experience. While Wix offers a full range of features, templates, and tools, it may not be the easiest to scale to your business or have nuances specific to your trade.

Big Commerce is another big competitor, although not as widely known. This platform offers features like the other two, but truly shines with search engine optimization (SEO). If you are new to the e-commerce scene, SEO is how search engines find your website. Big Commerce boasts the best SEO in the business collaborating with google and yahoo. They also offer a wide range of tools for design, and even come with a free 15 day looking period, just in case you are not sure on where you stand with them.

Another big name comes from Volusion. They keep up the theme of tools, tips, and customer service, but also provide a few nuances that are helpful. Their claim to fame comes through cyber security. This means better safety measures in place on their internal server level. They also boast integrated PayPal and credit card acceptance and unlimited product hosting and bandwidth. While others have these types of services, this is all included with the basic personal package starting at less than 30$ a month.

Is Shopify the best? The answer is up to personal preference, they are the best overall, statistically speaking. However, factors like costs, size, SEO, and security all come into play. How much money do you want to lay down each month for your e commerce site? While most of them offer scalable service, there is always the base line fees. Each of the ones listed here are comparable to Shopify, even if Shopify is the biggest. There are many factors in choosing who to build with, just know you have options.