The Top 3 Gaming App Designs of 2018


Since the dawn of the internet over two decades ago, developers and enthusiasts alike have been working together to find the best online casino setup possible. We’ve come a long way since then, since the time of dial-up and Windows 3.1; these days computers aren’t just hulking boxes at the back of the desk. Now they’re slim, sleek tablets. They’re smartphones in your pocket. And as the hardware has evolved, so too have the programs and games within.

The online casino market is one of the most competitive in the world. Currents stats estimate its revenues to reach as much as $74 billion worldwide by 2023. It spans dozens of languages, cultures, products and themes (it’s gambling after all, and gambling has been around for millennia). It brings together people of all ages, from all backgrounds, whether they want to play bingo on a sunny afternoon or stay up late to join a hardcore Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. 
When you’ve got such a competitive market as this one, only a few companies and devs can make it to the top, and they use all kinds of marketing strategies to do so. There are bonuses, there are deposit doubles, there are limited time offers, and so on and so on. But today we’re not focusing on any of that. Today we’re ranking the top 3 casino apps across Android and iPhone purely by design: the smoothest playing games, the most aesthetic GUI, the simplest, most approachable interfaces. We want the best gaming experiences regardless of background noise.  

1. Betfair, Best at Slots
Slots are the most popular category of casino game on mobile devices by far. They’re quick, they’re easy to pause and perfect for those on the move or stuck on the regular a.m. commute. Not every online casino does slots perfectly. Not every online casino does card games perfectly, and few do both. That’s why we’ve chosen Betfair first up.

Their app is well optimised and runs great on even the smallest of modern smartphone screens, with plenty of variety in their slots and themes (including jackpot slots) and availability across all platforms. Of course, appraisals like these are often subjective – everyone has their own taste and preference, so for this list we’re drawing on amalgamations of ratings and data, plus a little subjectivity on the side. You too can find the best casino app for iPhone and Android on  

2. Inner Casino, Great for Card Games  
When it comes to designing online casino card games for the smaller screen, we think Inner Casino does a top notch job, partly on the basis of variety and partly on the basis of consistency. They’ve over 20 table top games on offer for their customers, and each and every one is as polished as it gets.
Extra kudos go to Inner Casino for their live casino game options; players can tune in to a real table with a real-life dealer within a matter of seconds and take part alongside dozens of others in a tough round of blackjack, Hold ‘Em or baccarat. In fact, the latter is not as complicated or difficult a game as many think, and more players have become fans in recent years, thanks to options available on Inner Casino and other apps. Inner Casino is sleek. It feels smooth and it plays smooth, without too much clutter or pizazz getting in the way of gameplay.

3. William Hill for Graphics and Accessibility
People come to online casinos for all kinds of different reasons. Perhaps they want live sports betting, or a jackpot slot, or a particularly large bonus (William Hill has all of these). Perhaps they just want to pass the time for a few hours, check out what’s on offer, what’s the next big thing.
We’ve chosen William Hill as the last entry on this list because we think it is the next big thing, in so far as it represents the future of online casinos and gambling. It’s on Apple iPhones, it’s on Android, it’s even Windows Phone compatible – and the graphics are absolutely stellar no matter what. With a practically endless list of streamable games within the app, folks will have no shortage of entertainment on offer. There’s even talk of integrating virtual reality hardware into the system, meaning even fancier live tables and immersive gameplay no matter where you are in the world.

It’s a dog eat dog world, casino game development. It’s an arms race. What might be the snazziest, snappiest program one year could be pretty much average the next. New smartphones and tablets are released monthly. New competitive bonuses, offers and types of game enter the market seemingly out of nowhere. Luckily for us, the customers, the end result of all of this is cool design, crisp optics and a great gameplay experience.

Every casino app on this list is worth your time – they have a sufficient diversity of games, a decent bonus offer, easy usability. We’ve singled them out for the things we think they do especially well, however. Only time will tell if they’re still top of that chart in the years to come.