Most Common SEO Mistakes That Can Kill Your Rankings


SEO is a subject that has often been surrounded by misconceptions. Everyone has his/her idea of SEO. This has troubled the beginners who don’t have a way around this. However, through learning, you will be able to understand what SEO is and is not. One thing is for sure though, SEO is alive, and it is real. It is a fast-changing industry, and for you to make the most out of it, you need to be on the lookout for these changes: stay updated.

On top of being updated, there are other mistakes that you should avoid for you to get to the top of the ranks.

Having a slow page loading speed

Most webmasters do not acknowledge the importance of fast loading speed. What they don’t know is that slow speed badly hurts their SEO efforts. Slow speed will increase the bounce rate of your site and also lower the dwell time. How does that happen? Well, if a user notices that your page is taking more than four seconds to load, he will exit and look for another page. What that shows the search engine is that your site was not helpful to the visitor. You will therefore not rank for the page. Sites rank for a high dwell time, which you will miss out on if your page loading speed is slow.

Not creating high quality and fresh content

Content is king. It is what will compel an audience to visit your site and come back again. If you are unable to produce quality content, you will notice a drop in the amount of traffic you are getting each passing day. Your content should be able to answer the users’ questions and give them value. It is also important to continually update your content. Remember that the information you provide today might be subject to change and might not be relevant tomorrow. Updating your content makes your site reliable.
Quality content is detailed and has relevant keywords and is also applicable to the industry you are dealing with.

Not tracking and monitoring your performance

SEO is for sure a lot of work and effort. You do not start and leave it at that. You need always to keep an eye on your progress. There are analysis tools that you could use to track and monitor your performance. Why do you need to do so? Note that sometimes the strategies you put in place are trial and error. You are not sure whether they are working for you or against you. There is only one way to know? Doing an analysis.

Through that, there is so much that you will be able to learn. In the process, you will understand your audience, know the kind of keywords you are ranking for, the amount of traffic your site is getting and areas in which you need to improve. As such, you will have all the information you need even to develop better SEO strategies.

Not being active on social media

If you do not have a presence on social media, you are killing your SEO. Social media marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today. The catch is, it is where the customers are. If you can create quality content for the audience there, you will get more traffic flowing to your site, which you will end up ranking well. Also, social media will give you an arena to engage your customers. It is the most effective way of creating brand awareness, customer loyalty and building authority for your site.

Social media also gives you an opportunity to understand your customers better, the challenges they are facing and getting suggestions on how to improve your performance. Getting good links will boost your rank, social media can help you with link building.

Lacking consistency

You need to have a consistent publishing plan. If you are seasonal, customers will even forget that you exist. You need to keep them engaged at all times. You could use calendars to schedule your posts or also seek an extra hand in creating content.

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