3 Things You Should Know About Unmetered Bandwidth


As a website owner, you need to ensure that the amount of bandwidth you get from your hosting plan is sufficient. That’s because, without sufficient bandwidth, your website would be slow, and this can turn off visitors from your website. The only challenge is that it is hard to predetermine the amount of bandwidth that your website will need.

Hosting services know this and draw in clients with offers of unlimited bandwidth. However, more often than not, the advertised unlimited bandwidths have fallen short of expectations, and turn out to be nothing but marketing gimmicks. For a more realistic hosting plan, what you need is unmetered bandwidth. Unmetered bandwidth is very different from unlimited bandwidth and more efficient. To help you better understand it and decide on whether it is the best for your business, here are 3 things you should know about unmetered bandwidth.

Unmetered bandwidth is very different from unlimited bandwidth

Most newbie web owners often confuse unmetered bandwidth with unlimited bandwidth. However, the two are very different. Unlimited bandwidth means that there is no limit to the traffic that can go through a website, without slowing it down. On the other hand, with unmetered bandwidth, the price you pay monthly is not dependent on the amount of traffic moving through your web servers.

However, when your traffic reaches a certain limit, the amount of data you can send will reduce. This means that your website may slow down significantly. As such, before you sign up for an unmetered hosting plan, make sure you are in the know about how much traffic you can expect, without exaggerations from your service provider. Demand for transparency.

Unmetered hosting comes with DDoS protection

Depending on the host you go for, unmetered hosting comes with DDoS protection. This is critical because, most websites are increasingly getting hit with DDoS attacks. As such, getting a hosting plan that offers such protection is a huge deal. One host that offers unmetered hosting with DDoS protection is JavaPipe. By signing up for unmetered hosting from Javapipe, you are sure that you are getting a combination of high unrestricted bandwidth and security. That’s something that every website owner would find useful.

It is most ideal for high traffic websites

Unmetered bandwidth is most ideal for high traffic websites. These are websites that may find it difficult to work with limited bandwidth, and want to avoid the unreliability of exaggerated unlimited bandwidth plans. Some of the websites that would be perfect for unmetered bandwidth are those that do live streaming, as well as those handling large file transfers. For someone with such websites, signing up for an unmetered hosting service like Java pipe makes a lot of sense.

Not only does it work best for such websites, but it also comes with a host of other benefits. Some of them include the ability to fully control your virtual private servers, and top performance backed by high-performance hardware. Besides, Java Pipe has flexible prices depending on your needs.