5 Great Resources for New Photographers


Instagram: Instagram is full of inspiration for your own work. By taking a scroll through the most popular photography hashtags or follow your favorite photographers on Instagram you will be instantly inspired to go out and shoot. It’s a great way of seeing different styles of photography and may even give you the push to leave your comfort zone and be inspired to try something new.

Photography websites: The internet is full of great resources, like https://designbeep.com, PhotoWhoa.com for photographers. Photography blogs and sites are a perfect way for you to learn the basics. They will answer all the question you have and then some. You may even learn some new tips or tricks you didn’t know about.

Find local photographers in your city: There are so many incredible creatives in your city willing to lean a helping hand or give advice to photographers just starting out. Local Facebook groups or meetups are great ways to find other photographers in your city. Find a mentor who will teach you the ropes or find other beginners who you can learn with. Meeting like minded people with the same interests will help you make new connections and may even get you out there shooting with new friends.

Read online reviews on all things photography: Make sure to read reviews before you buy anything, there are so many photographers who have done all the hard work in testing equipment. So don’t spend your hard earned money on expensive equipment before doing your research and diving deep into product reviews. See what other photographers started with and what works best for beginners, see who they are using to print their photos and what equipment they are using. Before you buy anything, make sure you need that piece of equipment and you know the quality you are getting.

Manufacturer’s Manual: Manuals usually just get tossed aside but they are full of great info that can help you. You can’t start becoming a great photographer without knowing the basics of your camera. Get inspired, learn the basics and get out there and shoot! Every photo you take will make you a better photographer.