The Big SEO Ranking Factors for 2019


Google search algorithm keeps undergoing changes nearly every year. This has made the tech giant to place importance on certain factors out of the over 200 ranking factors. Truth be told, most of these factors are intertwined and it’s difficult for small businesses to keep up with them all. Here are the top ranking factors you need to know about as you implement the latest SEO techniques.

User Experience

It’s common for site owners to develop sites that search engines will find attractive while neglecting user experience. The importance of an exceptional UX can’t be underemphasized. It is one of the factors that usually encourage online visitors to spend more time on websites and leave satisfied. The experts at Tailored Media Marketing understand this and deliver top-notch services all the time. Some of the ways to enhance your UX include asking for customers’ feedbacks, using relevant keywords and supporting smooth navigation.

Quality Content

Most online visitors will choose content over direct ads any day. It’s better to invest a significant percentage of your budget on content creation and promotion. Ensure that you share content regularly and provide real value to your audience. Creating blog posts alone isn’t enough to generate leads in this era. You need to provide in-depth content and consider other formats like videos, infographics and case studies.


Google expects every website to work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop. Webmasters that fail to take this factor seriously may end up receiving a penalty. You have nothing to worry about if you’ve already joined the bandwagon. In case you only have the desktop version of your site, make sure that you set up the mobile version too.


The dynamics of link building has evolved over the years. Avoid using any link until you’ve confirmed that they are from relevant and authority sites. Creating useful content, influencer marketing, and guest posting can increase your chances of attracting links naturally. The linkless backlink is a trend that is here to stay. It involves mentioning brands instead of including a link to their sites.

Technical SEO

Overlooking the technical aspect of SEO can make brands to lose customers and revenues. Hiring the Gold Coast Specialists will go a long way to fine-tune the different aspects of SEO. Apart from that, they can help you to carry out an SEO audit. Other steps that you need to take include obtaining an SSL certificate and creating a site map.

Page Speed

Google’s mobile-first indexing is already a thing and it’s risky to leave things to chances. Page speed is now recognized as a top Google mobile ranking factor. Websites that loads quickly tend to rank higher on search engine result pages. On the other hand, slow loading websites are bound to lose traffic and revenue as time goes on. Take advantage of SEO tools to check your page speed and choose a reputable cloud hosting provider.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a must for businesses that are targeting customers in their locality. This is because several online visitors search for local businesses on their smartphones. Start by listing your business on Google to boost your ranking. Your information such as your business name, address and phone number must be uniform across all directories. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers to leave ratings and reviews on the local listing.