Here’s Why You Need to Pay Attention to Cybersecurity in 2019


In this current time, the world is so developed that many companies are entirely dependent on their information technology infrastructure. Without this, maintaining businesses can be quite hectic. For this reason, cybersecurity is becoming a very crucial subject.

With the high level of developments, cyber attacks have also become a significant nuisance in the industry. It’s essential for the IT staff to remain vigilant and stay updated on not only the current, but also the cybersecurity trends to be expected in the future.

In today’s enterprise, attackers are more confident, more informed, and more motivated than before. They target all sorts of businesses, small or big. Investors need to be extra keen as these attackers may pose as partners or internal stakeholders.

Some of the means through which investors or IT staff can stay updated or informed about the various ways of tackling cyber attacks include platforms such as Alpine Security. The best reason why you need to be aware of the cyber threats is so that you can be able to prevent losses and damage in advance.

Many businesses remain vulnerable due to reasons such as third-party components like shopping carts, more sophisticated cyber attack tools and procedures, and lack of real-time monitoring and response. These factors present an extensive opportunity that cybercriminals can exploit to breach the walls of security.

You can as well provide a high level of cybersecurity for your business by:

– Regularly updating your software – Outdated software is the best target for attackers. Keeping your software up-to-date helps you prevent the risk of being attacked.

– Using a firewall – A firewall tends to recognize and block common malware that may try getting into your network.

– Install anti-malware software.

– Enforce safe passwords to protect your data.

– Ensure that you regularly back up all your data.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

Enterprising Ransomware
One of the main reasons why you need to step into 2019 with stronger security practices is the fact that many cybercriminals today target their attacks through ransomware. Ensuring you use the latest version of your operating systems will keep you safe. This is because this virus takes advantage of the Internet of Things [IoT].

Artificial Intelligence [AI] Security
Users are most likely to depend on AI to identify and fight cyber attacks increasingly. Attackers, on the other hand, are using AI to unveil more polished cyber attacks. If you’re using AI, it’s crucial to have the right AI software that can detect advanced malware.

Cryptocurrency Hijacking
Cryptocurrencies are currently the ‘in’ thing in the financial market today. Investors of these digital coins are also at high risk of falling victim to cyber attacks. Attackers infect the user’s computers with a virus that make the CPU start mining cryptocurrencies. The hack can slow down your computer’s overall performance.

Botnets Attack
The initial intention of botnets was good. However, now, criminals are using it to get access to networks and infect them with malware so that they can execute attacks. Through botnets, attackers can spy on users, steal their credentials and even money, in case they’re using online banking services. They mostly do this by carrying out Distributed Denial of Service [DDoS] attacks, then send spam and steal confidential data.