Are Golf Swing Analyzers Really Worth Buying? Here’s How to Find the Best Ones


If you are a golfer who really wants to improve their game in a focused way, and are prepared to put some regular effort into it, then a golf swing analyzer can definitely help you achieve your goal. The trick is to find one which provides all the features which are really beneficial to you, and then to actually use it regularly!

There are various models of golf swing analyzers on the market, and here we outline the major things to look for and use to help you find the best product possible for you.

What is a golf swing analyzer designed to do?

The main point is to harness the amazing powers of technology to get detailed, useful and accurate feedback on several aspects of your swing so you can work on improving your technique. Most cover several aspects of your swing, but it’s sensible to focus on one aspect at a time, such as tempo, speed or swing plane until you are confident about it as it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose the benefit of using the analyzer.

What to look for

– Set up and usage
This should be easy and quite fast, but do check first as some are quite complicated and troublesome. It should also be straightforward to use, and not have endless complicated control buttons. It is also important to make sure the device will be placed somewhere convenient, some are fixed onto the club in a place some players may find uncomfortable.

– Feedback
The analysis carried out and presented should be explained in enough detail to be useful, sent in a way which you can easily understand, and include tips on how to improve. Do note that some golf swing analyzers are aimed specifically at players of a certain level, so a model designed for beginners would probably be frustrating for someone with a good bit of experience.

To be of any use you really need an analyzer which shares feedback on your performance in a way you can both easily see and actually understand. Some are great, providing useful 3D images, or showing you the shot and how to improve it in an animated format, so look for a style that appeals.

– The mechanics
Look at battery life – will it be enough for you? Do you prefer a hands-free model? Do you want a device you can use both inside and outside? Is it compatible with your smartphone if you plan to use an app?

– Results
Of course, the first priority is to check the level of accuracy a particular golf swing analyzer promises on average, and then you can look at additional result related features. Being able to store, monitor, and maybe even share results is important to some people, and some analyzers make this easier than others.

– Reviews
Look for a range of reviews on independent review sites as well as comparison articles and feedback from buyers on marketplace sites such as eBay or Amazon.

Final Words

I think every golfer gets a little out of sorts at least at some point throughout the season. Your swing just doesn’t feel right and as a result, you get too in your head and play poorly. Well besides from paying for lessons, a swing analyzer can be the best way to find a solution.

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