Becoming the Next Tinder in 2018


Your first dating app will take a lot of work and development skills on your end. Fortunately, you can create a team of designers, coders, and marketers to help you along the way. And with this guide, we’ll give you some insight on how to create the next Tinder.

Why Create a Dating App?

Dating apps bring huge profits and are never abandoned by regular users. That’s the first reason. It’s no wonder how to make a dating app has become a popular search request amongst marketers and entrepreneurs.

And with a large variety of apps that are used for hookups, escorts, or dating, you can always add an innovative twist to it and earn an extra dollar from it. For instance, the Harter dating app connects people on things that they hate.

Because of this, love is becoming a growing business. Here are some interesting facts about the projected investment value of dating apps:

– 80% of millennials are dating app users
– Tinder’s app reached 10 billion users
– Dating is a $2.5 billion dollar market

Underneath Tinder’s Technology

Before trying to make the next Tinder, its best to learn about the technology behind it. The coding languages that are used to develop tinder are:

– Javascript
– HTML 5
– Python
– AWS (app testing)

To determine the user’s location, Tinder uses your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection or its GPS data. Redis and Mongo DB are used for scalable environments since the early generation of apps. Additionally, they use Mapbox to create customized maps. For safe transactions and data sharing, Godaddy SSL certificates are used.

How Much Will It Cost?

To create the next Tinder dating app, you’re going to need a heavy budget. Tinder-like apps will require some lengthy development and complex architecture. Even a basic version of a Tinder app will require around 1000 hours.

– Design – Around 100 hours
– Backend – 200 Hours
– App Development For One Platform – Over 1000 hours
– Backend – 200+ Hours

On average, expect to pay around $25-$150 an hour for a developer for your project. These numbers may vary, but its best to create a budget to help pay your team for working on your dating app.

How to Monetize My App?

Here are five of the most common business models used to monetize dating apps.


If you’ve found a gap in the market, or have an innovative idea that you’d like to share to the world, you’re welcomed to start. Maybe that idea might become the next Tinder. People will adore it, and your business will gain huge profits. Start now and see how your business goes in the future!

Do you have any questions about creating dating apps?

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