Choosing The Best Smartphone For Professional Photography


Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or photography is your hobby, a good camera is inevitable for your work. Over the course of the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of the smartphone cameras to the level where they have become just as good, or even better than the professional cameras. Many video and photo content creators are frequently turning to the cheaper, more mobile and versatile options for their photography these days, instead of using the Canon and Nikon cameras. Some may say that professional cameras cannot be replaced, others, however, disagree.

Therefore, we have decided to comprise a short list of smartphones with the best cameras so you can see and choose which one is the best for your photography. But, before we start, make sure to visit Paperial if you want to improve your overall content on social media and not just photos.

Pixel 3: Currently The Best Camera On The Market

Rear camera: 12.2MP/ Front Camera: 8MP/ Autofocus type: Phase detection and laser/ Rear camera aperture: f/1.8 Price: starts at €995 or $799 for 64GB model

Let’s start with the best one; Google Pixel 3 is currently the most comprehensive smartphone on the market, comprising the exceptional efforts Google has been putting into creating a unique smartphone experience. With an OLED screen, 64GB internal storage and a 2.5GHz octa-core processor, this smartphone simply outperforms the competition. When it comes to the camera, Pixel 3 is capable of providing breathtaking photos, and it probably doesn’t get any better than this.

The main camera in the Pixel 3, as well as Pixel 3 XL, is rated at 12.2 megapixels. Even though the numbers might not be groundbreaking, Pixel 3 is somehow capable of producing the sharpest images you have ever seen. The images are incredibly detailed and thanks to the numerous additional tools and options, with this smartphone you’ll feel like you’re using a professional camera. The rear camera aperture is f/1.8, which is a standard for current smartphones, but Pixel 3 also adds phase detection and laser autofocus together with HDR and OIS (optical image stabilization). Pixel 3 is also recognized to achieve the bokeh effect, which enables you to blur out the background and produce exceptional portrait shots. Moreover, the HDR+ addition allows you to take multiple shots and combine them for the best possible outcome.

Night Sight is also another of Google’s smart moves when it comes to Pixel 3. This software ‘trickery’ enables a clean digital zoom, enhances low-light performance and allows you to choose the ideal shot. With the help of AI, Google is pushing its smartphones to the new levels of quality, performance and top-notch results.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: The Best Samsung Camera Yet

Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP/ Front camera: 8MP/ Autofocus type: Phase detection/ Rear camera aperture: f/1.5-2.4. Price starts at €841 or $720

The Galaxy S9 Plus is Pixel’s strongest competition. Alongside many other competitors, like Huawei Mate 20 Pro or even iPhone XS, this Samsung’s latest release won’t cost you a fortune, and you will still get the high-quality you expect from a Samsung device. One proof of Galaxy S9 Plus quality is the very struggle of the company to come with something better; to make strides on S9 Plus will be extremely hard. With a Super AMOLED curved display, 64 GB internal storage and numerous photography and video options, S9 Plus has a lot to offer.

Now, speaking of the camera, get ready for a treat; the front camera, as mentioned before, is rated at 8MP, with f/1.7 aperture, a selfie focus, as well as wide selfie option. The rear camera, rated at 12MP + 12MP, provides Auto/Pro options, hyper-lapse, panorama, and Super Slow-mo, which allows 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback for each shot. The Galaxy S9 Plus also features OIS, digital zoom up to 10x as well as the live focus with bokeh filters for the background blur effect. The dual camera also allows dual capture; the smartphone features a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera for the best possible photography experience.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is an impressive device which provides exceptional and super creative photos and videos too. If you are looking for a smartphone that can stand as a competition to the Pixel 3, then S9 Plus won’t let you down.

Moto G6: Best Budget Smartphone Camera

Rear camera: 12MP + 5MP/ Front camera: 8MP/ Autofocus type: Phase detection/ Rear camera aperture: f1.8. Price starts at €180 or $250

For those who want to take the best photos with their phones, but don’t want to cash out hundreds of dollars, then Moto G6 is the right choice. With an internal storage of 64GB, dual rear camera, and exceptional price tag, Moto G6 is the best smartphone to get on a budget. It may not be like your typical flagship phone, but G6 isn’t even trying to be one.

The smartphone features numerous solid specifications and features, but when it comes to the camera, it really outdid the rest of the budget game. Just as the high-end smartphones nowadays feature a dual camera, G6 is not late to that party. Moto G6 features a dual camera similar to the one of iPhone X; this means that the camera is used to ‘aid’ the primary sensor in order to create highly creative and stylized portrait images. The main difference between the G6 and iPhone X camera, is, however, the fact that the secondary sensor won’t let you zoom into the subject. Moreover, the G6 camera comes with a f/1.8 aperture so that it allows more brightness into the sensor. The primary rear sensor is rated at 12MP, while the secondary sensor is rated at 5MP.

The pictures you will take with the Moto G6 camera will be outstanding; you will, however, need to take in consideration conditions in which you are taking the photo. During the day, you will get detailed images, with decent color generation as well as proper exposure. However, in a darker environment with bright light, the G6 camera can overexpose. Nevertheless, for the price and the number of features you’ll get, the Moto G6 is a smartphone you will like but also appreciate, as it does its best to provide excellent results.

Hopefully, this short but sweet list will help you in your search for the best smartphone cameras out there. But, since we are so thankful for you reading our article, we are eager to help you out even more with creative writing prompts beginner guide to creative writing.