7 Ways to Enhance Your Website’s UX


Websites serve as viable tools for sharing information about brands. User experience is usually influenced by different factors. Providing an exceptional one will encourage online visitors to spend more time on your site. They will also be curious to check out the products or services that you are offfering. Here are the effective ways to deliver nothing short of the best when it comes to user experience.

1. Mobile friendly design
The trends in website design and development rarely remain static. Some of the practices that were embraced this year may become extinct in the coming year. However, designing a mobile-friendly and responsive site will never go out of style. Contact a reputable web design agency that is familiar with your market and adopts SEO best practices. Your site can be guaranteed to have more traffic and sales in no time.

2. Focus on your users
Designing an attractive site starts with understanding your target audience. You can only achieve this if you set aside time to research them. This will help you to build a site that suits their needs and preferences. Ensure that you interact with them to have access to feedback which can be via social media channels or email.

3. Call to action
Each call to action button should be visible and attractive. Include words that will motivate visitors to take a specific action. This can go a long way to promote better navigation. The type of message you intend to pass across will determine the right colors to choose. A/B testing can reveal the best approach for your site.

4. Whitespace
There is no need to fill every free space with content or ads. Most online visitors prefer sites with a minimalist design. Maximizing white space is the key to promoting readability on your site. Visitors are bound to pay more attention to the things that matter and get the information they want.

5. Fast load time
It goes without saying that today’s customers rarely wait for a site to load for several seconds. A significant percentage of them use their mobile devices and expect sites to load instantly. Make sure that you fix your site if it keeps loading slowly to avoid a higher bounce rate. This can lead to losing traffic which is bad for your SERP ranking.

6. Leverage the power of visuals
The importance of quality pictures and videos can’t be underscored in any web design project. Online visitors tend to engage better with content that contains them. The bottom line is to create your own visuals instead of using stock photos. Taking this approach will increase your conversion rate as long as you remain consistent.

7. Contact information
Although most brands now deploy AI driven chatbots, there are times customers will need to experience the human touch. Skipping this section or providing the wrong information can make a brand to lose customers. It’s imperative to update your site whenever you change your contact details such as email, phone number, and address.