5 Tips to Hiring a Talented Web Designer


A web designer is one of your most critical hires. After all, this person is responsible for creating the online face of your business. He/she will enable you to interact virtually with your customers. Therefore, you should look for the best talent or risk hurting your company. You can ask for recommendations on the best web designers or search online for designers such as https://atlantawebdesign.marketing. You can hire either an individual or a web design agency. Here are five tips of hiring a talented web designer.

– Hire for Personal Traits first, then Work Experience. The personal traits of your potential web developer are essential. The qualities enable you to predict the success of your project. The innate characteristics of your web designer should fit your company. You want to make sure that the web developer will fit well with the most critical culture in your company. Your culture may be curiosity, determination, or management. For example, a web developer who works for large agencies may not do well for a startup business. A startup company needs traits such as adaptability, and risk-taking, which may be less critical to a large institution.

– Try out the developer with a small project. You need to be sure that the candidate will deliver what you want. Give him or her a small project to work on and observe how they carry out the work. Observe their efficiency in delivering simple tasks. Determine whether they went above your expectation and creative they are. Look for a candidate who works well in a team and communicates problems.

– Pick a developer with aptitude, not a specific set. Technology is ever changing. You need a web designer who masters new techniques instead of a person who understands a particular tech. A person with a specific set of skills may not adapt to new technologies. CIO.com can help you navigate how to choose a technology flexible web designer. The best way to detect whether the web developer will adjust to change is to ask questions that will reveal a person with a passion for learning. For example:
What new programming languages did you learn recently?
Have you attended any technology conference recently?

– Avoid Trivia Questions. Do not ask questions that are of less importance to your project when interviewing web designers. Avoid questions such as:

– In what year was PHP released?
– What does HTML stand for?
– Such questions cannot help you to determine who is smart. Instead, they will single out people who can memorize things. Furthermore, you can easily search for such questions online. Focus on issues that will be useful to your company. For example:
– How can you manage conflicts in a web application when different people are using the same data?
– What is the difference between object-oriented design and component- bases design?

– Take your time when hiring. Do rush the hiring process. However, do not hesitate to fire an ineffective web developer since they can disrupt the whole team and harm the entire project. A competent web designer should meet deadlines and engage the whole team. The designer should also be able to create a design that communicates to your clients and solves problems such as increasing sales.

These tips will give you a good idea on what to look for when hiring a web developer.