5 Top Design Principals You Will Find In Every Private Home Elevator


It has to be useful
All great product design fulfils a real need that the consumer has. A private home elevator instantly transforms a living space into a flexible and accessible ‘forever home’ to suit the requirements of all occupants for an entire lifetime. Traditionally, the only option other than taking the stairs, was a stair lift, so the private home elevator gives customers ‘choice’.

Function over features
Whilst designs, however minimalist, must create visual interest, ultimately people want a product that just works!

As tempting as it may seem to overload with all the bells and whistles, as a product designer, you need to focus on function over features. A private home elevator excels at simplistic but effective design. The main focus is on the control panel used to operate the elevator and nearly always the design nods towards simplicity for ease of use.

Most products are not truly innovative or groundbreaking, but you must at the very least strive to always improve on what has gone before.

A home elevator gives home owners choice on how they wish to move around their home. Previously only available on a commercial scale, private home elevator specialists have honed a design which works within the home, blending seamlessly into the background of any room theme.

User experience
Putting your customer right at the heart of your product design is a key principal and a private home elevator’s primary function is to create an enjoyable and memorable travel experience. Some of the more modern private home elevators on the marketplace are smooth, fast and free standing, minimizing disruption to the infrastructure of the home and maximizing available floorspace with a compact footprint.

A hardworking private elevator provides a meaningful way to access all of the areas of your home, forever. However, it is also a great multi-tasker as it makes light work of transporting heavy luggage, laundry, golf clubs, even the grandchildren!