How to Create a Compelling Magento Page in 2018


Want to know how to make your Magento UX page stand out against the competition? Learn how to do so in this guide.

When it comes to magento ux designers, their main goal is to create an e-commerce site that best suits their customers. But, it can take some time and some design skills to make a good page. That’s why, we’re here to show you the latest design trends that professional ux designers follow.

Remember, take time when creating your first site. By doing this, you can detect certain issues that arrive on your site and deal with them immediately. This will ensure that your development team is creating a magento website that meets the demands of your audience and organization.
That being said, let’s begin!

Make an Intuitive Site Navigation

If your site visitors can find the important pieces of data effortlessly, without too much interruption, then you have an intuitive website.

Intuitiveness is an important aspect that determines the overall user experience on your site. An intuitive website features recognizable navigation patterns and icons. It includes defined local points and is spacious.

The sites’ navigation panel shouldn’t be too complicated; it should contain a maximum of 5 navigation items. The navigation on the site can be enhanced with additional lists of sorting options, product filters, and categories.

Show Item Availability Information

In order to convert visitors into customers, you have to make them trust you with multiple things. No matter the size of your inventory, there are some items that might be out of stock. To ensure that your customers have the best shopping experience, make sure they’re updated on the availability of the merchandise you’re selling.

One trick that most online sellers go for is by telling the customers how many items are available and how many items are sold. This encourages buyers who hesitate whether or not they want to buy something to end the browsing session with a finished order.

Desktop UX is Different from Mobile UX

This one is for all of our magento ux designers out there. The way your website looks like on a mobile screen is different from the way it runs on a desktop screen. As a website owner, you need to have multiple screen resolutions to account for the multiple ways users view your store (desktop, phone, tablet, etc.).

Smartphones have smaller screens. When browsing your website on the go, users don’t have access to as much data as you’d include in the desktop version of your website. Today, webmasters use the mobile-first designing platform.

With its help, users stay more focused on the more interesting parts of content. As a result, users are guided throughout the process until they are ready to make a sale on the page. So make sure that the UX design is tailored to your user’s viewing screen to improve the conversion rates of your program.


Want to increase conversions? Then you’re going to have to improve the UX design of your web page. By doing this, you increase the chance of viewers staying engaged with your content and buying your products.

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