Developing a Site in the iGaming Sector? Use WordPress


The iGaming sector is bigger and better than ever. With players signing on the world over, this niche market is a potentially lucrative pot of gold that many people have dipped their toes into. Ready to start up your very own site to do with iGaming? Use WordPress.

Whether you’re looking to develop a site for casino app reviews, a guide to how to set up a legitimate online casino in a valid jurisdiction, or you want to set up your own fantasy league site, WordPress is the number one choice for budding website builders the world over.
Why WordPress? Today we’ll take a quick look at why this Content Management System (CMS) is the stand out choice.

Why is the purpose of your website?

If you’re getting into the iGaming sector, then you’re probably considering doing affiliate marketing. This is when you put links on your website to a company’s products or services and each time they acquire a customer through clicking on your link, you earn a commission.

It’s easy to do and once it’s in place you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to. Of course, the more you promote your own site, the more people potentially clicking on those links – but that’s a topic for another day.

Even if you’re just building a site because you love iGaming and want to share your passion with the world, it doesn’t hurt to earn a little extra on the side.

Options for designing a website

When you’re developing your own website, you have a few different options available to choose from with your approach.

– Pay a developer to do it for you (they’ll generally use whatever they want to use)
– Use a simple website builder
– Use WordPress
– Use a combination of code and/or another tool such as Dreamweaver

The easiest option is to pay a developer to build your website for you. The problem with this is that whenever you need to make changes, you probably won’t know how to do it. Even if they use WordPress, they might use it in an obscure way, with their own systems/processes. Therefore, you’re going to be paying that developer each and every time you need a change. No thanks.

The second easiest option is using a simple website builder. So, what’s the problem with using something like Wix to build your website? Nothing, in theory. The issue with these types of website builder is that they are limited in terms of functionality and plugins or add-ons available. These website builders are generally best suited for information only websites, without many bells and whistles.

Now, we come to WordPress. Did you know that 31% of the world’s webpages were built with WordPress? This trusted content management system (CMS) allows you to build a beautiful website, update it when you please, and add on advanced features through Plugins, such as contact forms, e-commerce options, and Google Analytics plugins.

Other alternatives exist, such as this no deposit bonus guide that uses a custom build CMS, but why waste time and money when WordPress already does it all and more? Teaching yourself how to code from scratch or learning how to use Dreamweaver is more of a “fun hobby to learn” or “potential career path” rather than a functional way to set up your own website without too much fuss.

Why does WordPress stand out for developing iGaming sites?

WordPress Themes
With WordPress, you pick a theme before you start fleshing out your content. There are plenty of free themes you can choose from, paid and pre-made themes from various places like ThemeForest, or you can even get a developer to make one from scratch.

While you can go and grab any old theme you please, there are now places such as PokaTheme where you can purchase themes that are purpose built for iGaming niche affiliate marketing. How about that for an easy way to start out?
WordPress Plugins
WordPress has plugins coming out the wazoo, like we mentioned before. The current exact count? 56,153 at time of print. Because WordPress is the most commonly used website building platform in the world, that means more businesses want to build plugins for WordPress – because they’ll get used in more websites.

So – to look at affiliate marketing for your WordPress site specifically. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that are specifically designed for affiliate marketing for the iGaming sector. Here are just a few that you can have a browse of in your own time:

Thirsty Affiliates: Hides long affiliate links, protects commissions, easy to use
VegasHero: Slot game demos where users can play directly from your webpage
FlyTonic: To help organise your iGaming website

These are just a few to get you started. Have a hunt around and see what will best suit your needs.

The final word on WordPress for websites in the iGaming niche
WordPress is the go-to choice for everyone from aspiring web designers to hobbyists, small businesses, affiliate marketers, and even enterprise businesses. The sheer availability of options that are at your fingertips, as well as the customizability when using the platform make it the clear choice of millions.

If you are planning on building a website in the iGaming sector, then it’s best to pass over your other options and have a crack at WordPress development yourself. While it’s not quite as easy as some of the other alternatives around, it’s going to better suit your needs overall. Start out with a YouTube tutorial or two, or even take a class in WordPress development to get you started.

By using ready-made iGaming themes and plugins, you can put together your website with the minimal amount of fuss and effort, while ensuring everything looks and feels professional – so you can get those customers clicking through on your affiliate link.
So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto WordPress and get started – your new website is just around the corner.