WordPress as the First Step to Learning HTML


Not everyone has an idea about HTML. Most people will turn to WordPress when creating their first website. It’s easy to use, and you’ll have all the tools which you need for your website. Nonetheless, you’ll have an easier time getting to add content within the website and also ensure that there’s growth. Using WordPress will, therefore, save you the hassle of creating every script using HTML.

Be it for your dissertation editing website or a car business, WordPress will give you all the tools you need. Besides, if you’re still aiming towards learning HTML, you can achieve this through your WordPress website. Therefore, you can unlock all the possibilities which you’d want for your site. Below is what you get to learn about HTML through WordPress.

Text Formatting

With additional tools on your website, you might think that formatting is as simple as it seems. When using HTML, you have to learn some codes to write the correct text. Therefore, you’ll get to learn how you can use bold, underlined and italic texts. With WordPress however, all this is laid out for you.

Therefore, if you’d want to implement these changes in HTML, you have to read more about them. For example:

Italic texts: italic text here

Bold texts: bold text here

Strikethrough texts: strikethrough

Underline texts: underlined text

Through this, you get to learn some of the basic ways through which you can use HTML. Besides, you don’t have to always rely on WordPress for such work.

Adding Images

Unlike forums like WordPress, adding images in HTML is not as simple. You need to have an opening tag, description, image URL, and closing brackets. These will assist you in formatting the image as you’d prefer on the website. Nonetheless, they ensure that the image gets to appear on your website as you’d planned. Since WordPress has the media library option and HTML, you can teach yourself with time and get to gain some knowledge.

Here’s an example on how to add an image using HTML.

<img alt="Hero" src=http://en.support.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/hero.gif>


With such a text, you get to ensure that the desired image gets displayed on the website. Besides, to better understand the text, you have to understand the meaning. The “img” tag is your opening tag. “Hero” describes your image. http://en.support.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/hero.gif represents the image URL and “>” is the closing bracket.

Adding Links

Just like adding images, you have to differentiate which text will give you the expected returns. Therefore, you need to learn how to use anchors to your links. The links can include your title, a page advertisement amongst others. Learning how to use them will require knowledge about opening tags, URL, description and closing tag.

If you’d prefer being safe, you can use the inbuilt WordPress editor and easily insert any link you’d like. The main thing that the editor does is creating anchor text for you. Meaning that you don’t have to type in the entire tag. However, if you’d want to know how to use such a tag, below is an illustration.

Opening tag: <a

URL: http://www.wordpress.com

Description: Starting blogging on wordpress.com

Closing tag: </a>

Therefore, the end product should look like:

Start blogging on wordpress.com

The tag will add the aforementioned description to your article or blog.

Preformatted Texts

As a poet, you might want to have a specific format when publishing or posting your work, with the HTML preformatted text option, you only need to add the

 tag at the beginning and 

at the end. With this, you’ll be able to achieve your default format for your poems. Therefore, you never have always to rewrite your format afresh, using HTML in such an instance will make your WordPress experience much easier.

It’ll be a guarantee that the editor will always be forced to remember the format. After you’ve done this for the first time, all you have to do for the next poems will be going down to visual editor and choose “pre”.

Final Take

With the ease of never using the normal WordPress shortcuts for a blog, some might avoid this. However, if you’re free-spirited and you’d want to learn something new, getting to look into HTML might aid you in any scenario. Nonetheless, you get to feel better after you’ve inserted a tag all by yourself. For an Essay writing service, it will end up making your work easier. That is, you get to have your formats already organized. Thus avoiding the hassle of always getting to format new content.

More so, learning HTML will assist you when you’d like to create your second or third website from scratch. You’ll have valid information as to how you can create your tags and add them to your content. Besides, you don’t have to pay for website building services whatsoever.