7 Signs Your Web Designer Knows About SEO


A web designer refers to a person who is an IT professional. These are the people who are responsible for making the layout of your website. They are also responsible for the visual appearance and, of course, the usability of your website.

You can consider that a web designer is good if they have the creative graphical design and at the same time a technical skill. This is because web designers need to visualize how your website will look like and at the same time, how it would work.

Web designers are often mistakenly interchanged with web developers. Web developer people is the one who is responsible with programming your languages so that they can provide a massive interaction like with your database.

Skills of A Web Designer

For a person to become an effective web designer, they do not actually need to have some formal qualifications. However, there are plenty of web designers that have an experience in other fields. Others take some web designing training.

Here are some skills that are usually associated with a good web designer.

– They have a good working knowledge of the packages mentioned below:
– Dreamweaver
– Photoshop
– Fireworks
– Flash
– They have the ability to make complaint XHTML and CSS
– They have a great understanding of script languages like JavaScript, PHP, and .NET.
– They also have the capability to meet deadlines.
– They have a strong and creative way of thinking

Signs That Your Web Designer Knows SEO

If you are a person who is currently in the world of marketing, you would definitely look for someone who can help you with your website and raise its SEO content and rating. Always remember that your business is one of a kind so you have to make sure that the web designer you hire will be able to manage to make your website look good.

Stating much on the obvious, there are several aspects for you to know whether your web designer knows about SEO. Of course, you will be able to notice it on how they work on your website. If a web designer really knows SEO, then you will be able to see the following features on your website.

Your Website is Smart and Responsive
The number one key that a web designer will do on your website is that they should design it as an SEO friendly website. Aside from this, your website should also be responsive. If your web designer was able to make your website looks good and can be accessed by several devices, then it is absolutely a good website.

Organized and Clear URL and A Fast Website
Having a clear and a logical URL is one of the most essential aspects of an SEO-friendly website. So, if your web designer had made your website this way, then he truly knows about SEO.

Aside from having an organized and logical URL, your web designer also created your website to load fast. This is because he would know that a slow speed on a website will have a great effect on your number of views. And affecting your number of views will also hurt your ranking.

Have Given Clear Instructions to Your Audience
Once that a viewer tries to visit your website, it is a must that you provide them with clear and accurate instructions. This is for them to easily find what they are looking for without stressing your audience and with no hassle.

You web designer also ensures that your shopping cart, subscription offer, and any other services can easily see by your customers. Doing this by your web designer may affect the visibility of your website but it will surely have a huge impact on your sales.

Make Navigation Easy

Having an easy navigation of the website is another best way that a web designer will do to your website. This will benefit both the user and the search engines. A web designer should link your page in the proper way and make your menu feature be more helpful and functional.

Your web designer should know that once your navigation is not that helpful and functional to your audience, then there is a high chance that they will just close your website and look for another one.

Makes Your Web Content as A King

Most of your audience would not notice the design of your website but what they are after is the content. If your website does not cater what your audience is looking for, then no one would bother looking at it anyway.

Lessen the Flash Feature of Your Website

Your web designer should lessen the use of flash on your website. This is because most of the people who use their smartphones in accessing your website do not respond to flash. Even search engines do not respond to it. Try to avoid using this if possible in your SEO friendly design of your website.

The Make Your Websites for Humans

The web designer who knows SEO is a person who takes this as a consideration. They always keep in their mind that search engines are made so the humans will find whatever they need. As a web designer, his task is to solve some problems, do not make some art, prove whatever the point is, break a boundary and serve your ego.

The main task here is for your website to cater your audience with a website that they can easily use and contains what people are looking for. If this has been taken as one consideration for your website, then there is a high chance that search engines will more likely find you.

Final Say

Now that you know the signs that your web designer knows about SEO, then use this and see the output of your website. Yes, there are actually many web designers out there that can help you establish your website but only few web designers have a strong capability that they can make your website an SEO friendly one. If you would want to make sure that you will be able to get what you deserve, then you can find some great company to help you like the omegaseo.co.