A Look into TEMOK Domains and Hosting


Once you start your business, there are various things you need to worry about. One of the many things is attracting customers. Merely creating a product is not enough. You must also market across various platforms. In the digitalized world of today, having a website is an essential step.

Even to the novices, the idea of developing a website doesn’t seem easy. This is because it isn’t. There is so much you need to take care of. You must buy a domain and a server. Even after that, the work has just begun. Then you must focus on designing the perfect logo and the perfect layout. Generally, different companies help you in different steps of the way.

However, the act of finding the best service provider for different services can be quite a hassle. That is why we went on a hunt to find a packaged solution. One company that did succeed in ticking all the right boxes was TEMOK.

TEMOK- A packaged solution

TEMOK is an I.T company that has been up and running since 2014. From its inception to this day, it has successfully delivered its services to over 8000 people/businesses. There are various services offered by the company. Broadly speaking, you can break it down into domains, servers, web designing and web hosting packages. With each category, you’ll find different packages based on your need.

Its ability to deliver an array of packages and services is what interested us to check it out. What we found was the users of their service have raved about it for its value-adding experience. The experience isn’t concentrated or limited. Instead, it is quite universal. For instance, in the list of its dedicated servers, you will find various countries. Some of them include:

• Netherlands
• Russia
• France
• Japan
• Canada
• Singapore
• South Korea

A look into specific services

Since there are a lot of services offered by the company, we found it quite difficult to review them all. This is why we have looked into two of their most popular services. This includes their web hosting package and web designing.

Web Hosting

TEMOK delivers different Web hosting packages. The starter pack which is enough to get you started is the cheapest. It costs about $2.49 per month. The included features of this package aren’t limited either. Instead, you are delivered with unlimited domains and monthly bandwidth. Now, we found both these benefits very convenient. There is no such thing as too less bandwidth. The idea of running out of it is terrifying. The fact that you don’t have to worry about bandwidth is a breath of fresh air. The only limiting factor of this package is the disk space. It offers only 50 Gb. But, since it is a starter pack, this seems understandable. 50 Gb is enough space for a personal blog and startup.

If you are willing to pay a little more, there are three more packages offered by the company. They are named Premium, Business, and First-Class. The only difference between each of them and Starter package is the disk space.

Web design services

Designing a website is much more complicated than it looks. You must design multiple pages, think about the logo and register a domain. TEMOK offers different packages for web design as well. Each package is targeted for a different need. While the basic package is ideal for personal blogs, a business web design is for a fully-fledged business. For small startups looking for a middle ground, a start-up package is included as well. The cost of the three packages are different and so is the number of services offered under each. For instance, while a basic package only includes five-page website, a business package delivers six websites altogether.

Why we choose TEMOK?

Apart from the abundance of services and packaged solutions, a major reason we chose TEMOK was that of its affordability. The mere fact that it offered so many packages allows people with different budgetary constraints to opt for the services.

To further make it affordable, there are various promotions offered by the company. These include the following:

50% promo on shared hosting packages: This means you have to pay half the fee for the first month when opting for any hosting package.
50% discount on website design plans: Whether it be the business plan or the basic plan, you can avail a discount of 50% on all.
30% discount on VPS and reseller hosting plans: There are four hosting packages offered and this promotion is valid in all of them.


After comparing the services offered by TEMOK to other similar companies, we found that it was one of the most affordable options. You can try their services for yourself and be the judge.