How to Create a Successful Online Community and Make Money Out of It


Almost everyone wants to make money the easiest way; just by doing something so simple and easy and the next thing is to get a credited bank account. What if you were told you could make money when you create social network?

Over the years, people have enjoyed using the social network by building online communities via chats, groups, hangouts etc. For example, quite a number of people have subscribed into accounts like YouTube and created social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. There are ways to make a lot of money from these online networks by simply using them to evade boredom by chatting.

According to Statista, by 2021 there will be 3.02 billion active social media users, around a third of Earth’s entire population. An estimated 750 million of these users in 2022 are expected to be from China alone and approximately a third of a billion from India. These online communities are good strength to make money. All you just have to do is figure out what best you can do with your device and how you can get people on these accounts to follow up your idea.

The following steps will help you to fulfill your dreams in building a successful community and website, and ultimately make good money out of it rather than sitting all day with the social media without having something productive coming out of it.

Building Online Communities

When building online communities like Facebook and YouTube, the sole purpose for doing that is to make money. However, only quite a few are doing this while most are into chatting and other sorts. These online communities are important to help you meet people and bring you closer to various people interested in your idea. There are quite a number of people you would find that would contribute and see reasons with you. Also, it exposes you to different aspects of your idea; how it could be adjusted, what to do, people you should meet and some steps to follow. They also help in providing free tutorials and videos, materials and articles etc.

Create A Community

The next step is to create a community for people that will be interested in your idea and that may be very useful for you in future. It could be anybody – in your street; Candy Crush Saga fans, growers, postmen, stamp collectors, store keepers etc. These people are going to be the strength you need on your ordeal. It is salient to make them fully understand your idea and the website you will be creating for the intended purpose. However, not everyone will seem interested, that is why you have to sound convincing and make them realize how beneficial it will be following up through the website you will be creating.

For instance, you could be interested in opening a blog, the first thing to do is watch videos, get free tutorials from these online communities. This then leads you to creating your own community – so you can get a reliable fan base. There is room for support, commendation and critics from your fan base. The most important thing is to get a real fan base with real people before opening the blog.

Build A Community Website

This is the real deal that determines the success of your idea and the community you’ve created. For instance, the blog or website you’ve created makes so much sense in making money for you. Get your already created community to visit the website on a daily basis, feed them with interesting articles and popular stories. As time goes by, you can earn more money from your audience from ads, selling of unique materials (articles, tips, recipes, videos etc.) on the website or better still, create a paid access to the website.

The steps are just the easiest way to build a successful online community and make good money out of it. People making money through online networks are very few while most spend more time watching videos and chatting rather than making it productive; you can start your network project today before it gets too late.

Have this in mind, if you want to earn really a lot with your online community, it will not come easy and you may even want to give up at some point. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You must be able to sacrifice your time and resources to achieve this goal. However, you can always start this project and see whether it can change everything for you – who knows, maybe the thing you start as a few-time pleasure will eventually turn you into a millionaire.