3 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Consider SEO


As a web designer, your work is to build a website from scratch, creating a stunning site. There is something fundamental that most web designers tend to forget. Web designers have the task of considering the ranking of the site in search engines and engaging new website visitors.

Most designers tend to ignore some of the key features in a design that help a website rank well on search engines. Nowadays, business owners have known that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best free ways of getting more clients. Web designers have to incorporate SEO when building sites for their clients. Here are some of the reasons as to why a web designer needs to create SEO-friendly websites for his/her clients.

Websites are Marketing Platforms

Most clients know nothing about SEO. As a designer, you ought to build on-page optimization into your client’s site. This way, you would have helped them with the technical aspects. Don’t just create a website that has images and a beautiful layout; make sure that you also optimize the website for search engines. Ensure that you apply on-page SEO keyword integration and optimize all the pages on the website.

Jumpstart Search Engine Ranking

Web designers have to focus on the quality of their work. Clients will be happy, and they will continue using your services if you help them bring in customers so that they can begin seeing a return on their investments. A well-optimized website will help search engines categorize your client’s website and set it in a position to be found by potential customers. Clients will always recommend you to their friends, and they will always use your services every time they need them.

Help clients Speedup Their Marketing Time

Helping clients focus on the crucial parts of link building will help them free up a lot of time. Make your clients’ work easy by recommending a link building software that will help them jumpstart their marketing campaigns. Show them how the link building software works and how it will help them grow their business.

Also, ensure that you discuss the keywords that will help with their ranking before you add them to the web pages. It’s critical that you show them what to do next after you deliver their website. This includes keyword research software and taking extra steps such as the use of a VPN to analyze overseas traffic when doing research. When you add keywords while building the web pages, you will help reduce the time that would have otherwise been used to change the content on the web pages to optimize them.


Now that you know why you need to incorporate such when creating a website, it is high time you start building SEO-friendly websites. Your clients should matter to you, and the best way to help them and keep them coming back is by focusing on their results.

Remember, they bought your services so that they can get customers and we know that a website that has not been optimized cannot bring in business with the use of search engines. Always keep learning new SEO techniques that you can incorporate when building a website.