Great Cities for Creatives to Find Work


Working in graphic design or another creative field can be exciting and fulfilling for many people. Whether you work as a freelancer or have a full-time position in this field, it’s important to find a place to live and work where you feel at home. There are many cities around the country that have a strong design and creative industry with plentiful jobs. Here are the best cities where you can find your dream design or artistic job.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been known as a top place for creatives to flock to. Graphic designers and artists can take advantage of the strong film, television, and advertising industries to get plenty of work in their field. Salaries for graphic designers in this area are also strong. Some other benefits to living and working in Los Angeles include the mild weather year round and the close proximity to many interesting places, such as the beach, the desert, and the mountains.

New York

If you want a big-city experience on the opposite coast for your life and career, consider relocating to New York City. New York has a wide variety of industries that use the services of graphic designers and artists, such as television, media, advertising, and private businesses. Salaries in this area are some of the highest in the country. Living in New York City is also fast-paced, exciting, and interesting. The city is home to some of the top tourist attractions in the country and incredible food options.

San Francisco

Another great place for creatives to find plenty of work is San Francisco. This city’s close proximity to Silicon Valley gives graphic designers and creative minds options for jobs related to internet technology and digital innovation. Workers in this region can demand high salaries and can add some of the top companies in the world to their resumes. San Francisco real estate, along with most of Southern California, is in high demand. There are accommodations that fit most budget parameters. Additionally, you get the added benefit of living in the mild San Francisco Bay area, which is home to plenty of attractions, restaurants, and culture.


It’s also smart to consider Seattle for your potential job hunt in the creative field. If you want a graphic design job Seattle, you’ll find lots of options in this great city. Additionally, for those who want to avoid the crowds of New York City and the wild adventures of Los Angeles, Seattle gives people a more comfortable way of life, with a focus on family and green spaces. Even though things aren’t as intense here, there are many different opportunities for fun in the city.


If you’re really craving sun and culture, Miami may be your best bet for a new career in design or the creative field. This city has recently been named the top city to work in for the happiest people. It’s easy to see why once you’ve been to this vibrant place, with stunning beaches, comfortable salaries, a strong economy, and plenty to do on your off-time.

It may be wise to relocate if you want to get the most out of your career in design or creative work. Find your dream job at one of these cities and take your career to the next level.