How to Turn the Internet into Your Personal Revenue Source as a Designer


There is an endless array of articles and resources that promise you a way – or several ways – to make money online. There are more opportunities to grab indeed, but that doesn’t mean you can simply sit back and expect revenue to start coming in automatically. Unfortunately, this is what most make-money-online schemes promise.

The opportunities you can now utilise to make money are all interesting to pursue. You need determination and you have to be willing to invest your time and energy but follow these tips and you can turn the internet into a revenue source before you know it.

Choose a Business Model

As mentioned before, there are several ways you can make money online. The first thing you need to do is understand those ways and opportunities. The most common way – and the easiest one to begin with – is an ecommerce site. You can make money quickly by selling design products directly to customers and relying on your marketing prowess to succeed.

Another interesting opportunity to pursue is freelance work. There is a huge demand for online professionals who are willing to work remotely. Companies across the globe hire freelancers through outlets like and UpWork, so there is plenty of work to find. If you have a good portfolio, you’ll never be out of work.

You also have the option of creating and monetising your entire online presence. If you already have a blog or you have a strong social media presence, you can turn those outlets into revenue sources by offering paid posts and ad placement to brands and agencies. You’ll be surprised by how many offers you can get with 10,000 followers or more.

Invest in Your Digital Assets

It is also important to note that online revenues don’t just come out of nowhere. You still have to work to make money, although you can work from anywhere and at any time when you are building an online empire.
Using the ecommerce site as an example, you need to start working on the products you want to offer and how to best display them to customers. Great product photos and killer copies certainly help, so invest time (or money) into these elements.

You also want to grow your audience base. This too is something you need to invest in rather than being an instant thing. Unless you go viral all of a sudden, your audience base is built by a handful of viewers at a time.

Just Keep Moving

While many online business owners can enjoy living a relaxed lifestyle while their online businesses generate revenue, there is still a lot of work that go into keeping those online businesses competitive. This is, after all, a competitive market.

Making money online is not an instant thing, and it is certainly not a one-time thing either. Do it right, however, and you will have a series of digital assets and online business operations with the ability to generate revenue for years to come. At that point, you can either relax and enjoy the success or venture into new opportunities and continue your roll; it’s your choice.

But if you follow our tips, then you can wrap everything in your favor.