Is Your Website Responsive?


For many years if website owners wanted a site that could be viewed on mobile phones or tablets, they had to have several sites, one for PCs and others for the mobile devices. This was always a problem, and generally the mobile sites were never as good as the main websites as a different site was needed for each type of device. That has all changed and now you need to ask yourself, is your website responsive?

What is Responsive Website Design?

Imagine having to make the same website again and again for Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and any other mobile devices. Each of these could have a different size screen, and that would be just one of the problems. Images could look different and the layout may appear to be disjointed or look out of proportion on different mobiles.

A responsive website design means that exactly the same site will be seen no matter what device it is viewed on, as it can shrink, enlarge or move the content to make it look good on any screen size. The revolution in mobile devices forced developers to find a better way, and the technology evolved to bring them responsive website design.

With mobiles accounting for more than half of the use of the Internet, anyone offering web design services had to embrace this concept, and the majority of website developers have.
Any website presence that is not responsive will suffer because of the lack of it. The old mobile sites generally did not have as much information as the main website, and if that is the situation now, users will soon move elsewhere.

The Cost Effectiveness of Responsive Website Design

From a developers point of view, there is less work to do designing a responsive website than when they had to make different sites for all mobile devices. Now it is one site they have to develop, and although it is made in a different way, it is still just one site. Responsive sites are costlier to make than original websites, but it is still cheaper than having to have several developed.

They can also save the website owner money because they are not having to spend time dealing with queries relating to the information that could not be held on mobile sites before. Now everyone sees the same, no matter how or when they are viewing a website.

Make Sure You are Responsive

If your website is not responsive, it is time to change it. If you want the best for your brand, for your online presence and for your business, it is vital that your website is responsive. This might not mean having to pay for a totally new website, as a good developer will be able to adapt what you have. But it might be a good opportunity to update your images and content and to give your website a refreshing new look.

If the answer is no when you ask yourself if your website is responsive, you need to do something to get it changed sooner rather than later.