5 Things Beginner Mobile Game Developers Must Know


For game developers, the dream is to create the next big hit, the Tetris of our generation. Since Tetris became a huge hit, there have been many spinoffs. It is interesting to note that the games we love the most aren’t very complicated. Just have a look at a puzzle game like Cube Blast. All you have to do is blast cubes to move to the next level. This is so simple yet totally addictive.

If you are a beginner mobile game developer, here are some things to consider when you try to make a really good game app.

Players like color and sound!

Today we want color and sound more than ever. Modern mobile phones are made to give users an amazing experience. With a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can watch Youtube movies and get amazing quality. Nothing less is expected when loading games. It doesn’t matter if it is a casino game or an app with puzzle games for toddlers. The graphics, animations and sound effects must entertain and be of the highest quality!

There must be exciting goals

Any game must offer some exciting goals. This can be to reach new levels or perhaps to solve a riddle. A new game will only be of interest if it offers a challenge that tickles the imagination and makes the player want to come back for more. If you can come up with something new in this area, it might lead to a very popular and sought-after game.

Adults also like simple mobile games

It is a mistake to think that simple games are only for kids. Look at Candy Crush! Adults also want very simple games that don’t demand too much thinking or analyzing. Considering this, you might want to opt for very simple gameplay and create something that looks childish but turns out to be for everyone. Games for all ages are very much appreciated by families that want to keep safe materials on their smartphones.

Too many ads is a drag!

Nobody likes games with a million ads. It is understandable that free apps must be funded somehow, but there should be a limit to how many ads will be shown during a round. Have a good look at this and try to find ways to keep the advertising to a minimum. Perhaps ads can also be placed differently so that they won’t disturb the flow of the game.

Too many ads can be too much!

Complicated is not good

If it is too difficult to understand how to play the game, it is not good. Players need to understand how it works intuitively. If it is possible, reduce the amount of buttons and instructions. Some of the very best mobile games only demand taps on the screen to function. Less is more when it comes to really cool mobile games. This is an important message to anyone working on a game for any platform.