5 Tips To Finding A Good SEO Agency


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fast becoming an essential part of every online business. SEO partly entails improving your website’s ranking on Google search engine. It’s important to improve your search presence if you desire to get your product/brand out there. Therefore, hiring a good SEO agency could work wonders for your business.

If you’re currently searching for a reputable firm to handle all your SEO issues, you might be wondering: how do I separate the wheat from the chaff?

Here are 5 Tips to finding a good SEO agency:

Figure out what you require

SEO encompasses a variety of things such as link building, link removal, content marketing and retargeting. Before casting your net, decide on what kind of SEO services you want. If you don’t have a clue, figure out what you want done in your company. Do you desire to double your leads over the next year, or maybe increase your rates by 40% in the next 6 months? Many website owners desire to improve their online rankings using SEO while others simply want to cross this cumbersome item off their list. Whatever your reason is, make clear goals and look for an SEO agency that can turn your dream into reality.

Consult widely but keep it discreet
After figuring out what you want, organize to meet with a reputable SEO agency of your choice. Ask them to help you understand the entire process involved, and how much it might cost. Most agencies will happily grant free consultations to first-time clients in an effort to woo them in with their alluring track records. After the consultation is finally over, the SEO firm will draft you a proposal highlighting the range of services you’ll need as well as their pricing. Do the same thing with two or three other firms – this will help you compare and make a sound decision.

Check out their history
Before settling for a specific SEO firm, conduct a brief history of the firm to find out if it’s credible or not. Check the year it was founded, how large it is, its mission and clientele base. However, don’t just check how much experience the SEO firm has – this can quite easily be manipulated. Rather, consider its reputation and look at customer reviews.

Ensure the agency is staffed with sufficient technical guys

SEO has developed tremendously over the last few years. However, some SEO agencies have turned this service into a business-oriented consultancy that often lacks sufficient technical knowhow. A good SEO firm should possess qualified tech staff members who understand how to add keywords, build directory links and include appropriate Meta descriptions. Keyword research is usually very involving and demands lots of time, so hire an SEO agency that will put in the work.

Ask for the analytics data
Sure, you could enquire for references from a few select SEO firms, but asking for their clients’ analytics data will help you to determine the quality of their services. Analyze organic search traffic graphs (if they’re availed to you) and check whether the graphs indicate an improvement or deterioration of key indicators.

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