Top 5 VPN Services for Online Gaming


The scams and hacker attacks are so common these days that the people thought of developing the Virtual Private Network in order of increasing the player’s safety and experience.
What exactly is the meaning of VPN? – The Virtual Private Network is a service that allows you to connect to the internet via a secured encrypted server.
What are the benefits of using VPN? -The benefits of using this system are numerous. The virtual private network can be used to surpass the internet restrictions. For example, some of the games might be unavailable at your current location. By logging on the server via VPN, the player can change its location on the internet and simply be able to continue gaming. The principle of working can also be applied when bypassing the port blocking and NAT firewall while trying to access the online game. The VPN users can also access the internet content which isn’t available at their staying location. Taking the advantage of changing the time zone, allows users to play games hours before their release.

Since the VPN is a great way to protect the private data, it is also the best security option for Online Gaming. All online games are using VPN services in order to keep the customer’s data safe and secure from hacking and stealing. Just imagine playing slot games with bonuses, hit the jackpot, and next day all the money is gone. The VPN system is a MUST when online gaming.

For the ones that want to find out more about the VPN system, the web surfing is a good way to be informed and updated. More information could be found in online magazines and web pages.

Best Online Gaming VPN Providers

IPVanish- By using the services of this provider, the user gains access to the anonymous web surfing and torrenting. The IPVanish system is based on using 256-bit encryption and the other security protocols involved. The IPVanish comes with a BitCoin acceptance and many other benefits like unlimited bandwidth, great internet speed and the loyal customer service which is available 24/7. The IPVanish’s servers are spread over 60 countries. This allows users to search the internet content from all around the globe.

ExpressVPN: It offers the some of the fastest internet speed amongst the VPN providers. It works with the 256-bit encryption and the SSL network protection. The ExpressVPN disposes of with over 100 server locations placed all around the world. No logs are being kept and the customers can choose from different payment methods such as a BitCoin. The ExpressVPN is the powerful candidate to consider.

Torguard: While using the Torguard service, the customer can choose one of 1600 VPN servers spread across the world with the locations in over 43 countries. The logs are being kept at zero at all the time. The Torguard offers great internet speed, unlimited bandwidth, no server switching charges and up to 5 simultaneous connections. The BitCoin option as the payment method is available along with the others like Visa, Master Cards and E-Wallets. It offers complete anonymous internet surfing while keeping no logs and working with the AES-256 bit encryption and 8192-bit keys. The great number of servers, allow their customers to have the top online experience while being able to reach the internet content from all around the globe. The covers their clientele needs by offering unlimited bandwidth and blazing speed of the internet. There are many payment methods to choose from to keep the anonymity of a user at a greater level. That is why the BitCoin is given as an option to keep you at the safest spot.Their servers are built to work at a high pace and support millions of connections easily so that the customers wouldn’t have to encounter continuous disconnections. With the Premium Plan package, the offers 5 simultaneous logins and complete protection against IPv6, IP leaks, DNS leaks, the dynamic port forwarding and the unlimited server switching with no extra charges.

NordVPN: Take back the control over your internet surfing. The NordVPN service is very reliable as it offers secure browsing while shopping and using private data like a credit card number. It is never a nice thing encountering censored internet content, and by using the NordVPN system users can bypass the boundaries easily and have instant access to it. The CyberSecfeature is another great thing coming with the NordVPN package. It is an advanced technology method that takes the user’s anonymity to the higher level providing enhanced security and better performance. It uses the military grade encryption to keep the customers safe from annoying advertisements and other cyber threats.

-The benefits of using the CyberSec feature are:

1. Blocking dangerous websites – It regularly scans the website addresses against popular block lists and protects the user from getting involved in scams and other threats.
To avoid the botnet control- With it, the device is being secured from interfering in DDoS attacks (Read more about the DDoS prevention).
2. Skipping ads – The CyberSec hides unwanted ads and other advertising content the moment of accessing the internet.