6 Tips & Tricks To Create Your Own Prezi Designs


The art of creating an engaging and appealing presentation is tough to master. Prezi makes it a bit easier by providing a variety of tools for a captivating and alluring demonstration that gets the thoughts through in the most efficient manner.

Even though you can take advantage of the templates, the experts from presentation design company Presentation Geeks advise that the presentations work better when you create your own designs. Thankfully, the program makes it easy to come up with original work without spending too much time on the configuration. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create wonderful Prezi designs.

1. Old Stuff Still Works
Did you already create a stellar presentation in the past? You can save the designs you used in that presentation in a library and then reuse them for your next work. Take advantage of My Content feature to reuse some elements of your old presentations. In most cases, a successful element can be recycled repeatedly.

Additionally, you can take advantage of old PowerPoint presentations by importing them to Prezi and using old slides.

2. Use Doodles
If you decide to use a certain template, you can create an original Prezi design by taking advantage of a variety of features. Images and doodles bring life to your presentation, making it easier to read and understand. Take the doodles and move them around your presentation to achieve the desired results.

3. Change The Logo
When you use a template, don’t forget to change the logo. Many people prefer not to take advantage of the templates due to the lack of personalization. In fact, you can come up with an original design even if you use a template. Look for Theme Wizard in the bubble menu and choose “Replace Logo”. There are some image requirements, but they are easy to follow.

4. Use Shapes
Many people overlook the simplicity of using shapes via Insert Shapes option. There are many ways you can take advantage of the shapes when creating your perfect presentation. If you need to add simple drawings or diagrams, this tool can do wonders. You can add these designs to the content library and reuse them in your next presentation.

5. Use 3D Backgrounds
The newest version of Prezi features attractive 3D backgrounds. They can give your Prezi design a brand new look. You may not even need to come up with too much new formatting. A 3D background can completely change your old work.

You can create your own 3D background by clicking on the current background and choosing the “Change Background” option. By clicking the edit button, you can proceed to make personal changes.

6. Use Video Clips
Any Prezi design becomes better with the right choice of video clips. The program allows you to choose any video you have on your computer and insert it into the presentation. Alternatively, you can add a YouTube video. Once the video is in your prezi, you can work with it as you would with any other object.