Remote Desktop Managers For Mac


Remote desktop managers are an important necessity for lots of people who need to manage their data like passwords and credentials remotely. It might seem too extraordinary, unnecessarily or even unbelievable. But for people who are familiar with IT, it makes a lot of sense. Now we’re all used to have systems administrators who are responsible for effective operation and maintenance of software and different infrastructures. And as the world is constantly developing remote desktop software is going to be an invaluable tool for even a regular user soon. And it already is since we have a supply on the market which means there is a demand.

Back in the day remote managers did exist but were pretty inefficient. Just picture waiting nearly 30 minutes for an operation to be done on a remote users computer. Today using remote desktop software people can easily live in one place and work for a company office in the other. And finally, lots of IT technicians can work from home and help people with their computers issues. Just like a regular technician would come to your house to fix anything.

Even if you’re a regular user and are away from home, but need an access to your local computer for some reason here are some great remote desktop software solutions. Convenience, accessibility and fast speed are demands of today’s modern society and these desktop managers are great examples of it. 

If you’re away from your local network JumpDesktop for Mac is an amazing tool and is quite simple to figure out. Especially if you don’t need excessively advances software. Firstly you open system preferences on your Mac and select the needed check box which is remote management (that clearly will turn it ON). Make certain that all the top 3 check boxes are checked in the computer settings. And finally, type in the password that will also be used to allow the control on your Mac.

In the options you can choose how much you’ll be allowed to change, it’s like permissions you’ll get. Install JumpDesktop on the 2nd device, your iPhone for instance and make certain you choose VPN while creating a new host (your Mac IP-address). You just need to log in to your Gmail account and that’s it. The app takes a bit more than 7 MB and is perfect for everyday use. Isn’t that amazing that you can easily walk with your phone in a shop, cafe or sit in a hotel elsewhere in the world and control your Mac. JumpDesktop then is your perfect option. 

SplashTop Remote Desktop for Mac is another nice option to access your computer remotely. Interesting to notice that with SplashTop, if you run Flesh on your iPad or whatever you use to control your Mac with, you can easily play video or audio files. And the sound will come straight from the device you use and not from your Mac. Open the SplashTop and you’ll see that on the top ribbon of your computer the app icon turns black. Clicking on this icon you’ll see preferences, where you can type in your password and e-mail and you’re ready to use this manager. 

Remote Desktop Manager (by Devolutions)
Last but not least, Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store can work pretty good for you. Many VNC client/servers are by all means a plus for this application. It’s compatible with many tools like Microsoft/Apple Remote Desktop, VNC etc. By clicking on the “+” icon you add more clients (Team or Clients). The process of connecting is pretty much similar to SplashTop. But bear in mind that this application is designed more for single users since you won’t be able to share files.