New Christmas Wallpapers from Design Works International


You can always tell when it’s December from all of the festivities happening everywhere. It’s the holiday season, Christmas Is just around the corner, and there will be plenty of beautiful moments to share with friends and family this holiday season.

Of course, moments aren’t the only free things you’ll be wanting to enjoy this Christmas. It is always nice to get gifts and freebies during the festive time, especially when pockets can get a little bit empty with all the gifts we need to buy. This December, Design Works International is kicking off the celebration with a set of free wallpapers for your desktop computer, iPhone, and iPad.

Christmas in New York

December’s free wallpaper from Design Works is really beautiful. The design features a dominant white background for that bright yet warm Christmas feel. December always has a magical feel to it, and this wallpaper captures that magic perfectly.

The white background accentuates a selection of pastel colors with touches of boldness across the image. It is a festive wallpaper set after all, so the combination of colors suits the occasion really well. Add the desktop version to your computer and you too will experience the magic of December.
The wallpaper set was inspired by Christmas ambience in New York. As we enter the month of December, vendors selling Christmas trees start to crop up all over the city, and the holiday decorations found in the city’s storefronts are always magical. An unmistakable misty, flowery smell also takes over the city.

A Unique Take on Christmas

The December 2017 wallpaper set by is actually an interesting take on Christmas. Take a look at their past wallpaper sets and you will notice the change in tone and design theme almost immediately. This month’s free wallpapers are lighter and more soothing.

All versions of the December wallpaper have been designed to fit each device perfectly, so there is no need to make adjustments if you want to use them to decorate your screens. Simply set the correct one as wallpaper and you are good to go.

This wallpaper set is a nice gift to us all. It is a remarkable piece of design that you’ll just love to see on your screen. It will even liven up your workspace; that lightness really pops in the most pleasing way.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The one thing that jumps out from Design Works International’s December wallpaper set is the yellow tree. The bolder color and the silhouette of it remind us of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in many ways. If you’ve seen New York’s iconic Christmas tree before, you’ll know that the tree at the Rockefeller Center shines really bright at night, with yellow lights being the main decoration.

That’s one of the many things we all love about Christmas; the small – often minute – memories that spring back into mind when we see Christmas decorations starting to appear.

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